Wolf Van Halen has a great response after Kylie Jenner changed her child’s name

Kylie Jenner has made headlines for a number of reasons over the years, but this week she caught the attention of the public for a somewhat unexpected reason. The reality TV star and business mogul who recently confirmed the birth of her second childannounced that baby boy’s name had been changed. The baby’s name was originally reported to be Wolf, a rare moniker to say the least. Another person who has that name, however, is none other than Wolf Van Halen, son of the late Eddie Van Halen. The younger Van Halen was among the many internet users who discovered the news about Jenner’s child, and he had a great response.

The 31-year-old musician, whose full name is Wolfgang William Van Halen, seems to be proud of his unique name. So it was only natural that he would comment on Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s recent decision. Van Halen took over Twitter to send out a straightforward and humorous answer, which you can see for yourself below:

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