Where can I hear the young and restless star Camryn Grimes’ podcast?

Give yourself some drum roll emojis already!

March 21st The young and the restlessCamryn Grimes took to Instagram to speak directly with her fans. First, “I would like to thank you all for your amazing 25 year congratulations” since her debut, she said. (Read Soaps’ anniversary interview with the Emmy winner here.) “It was truly incredible and a moment of reflection and gratitude.”

After attending so many of her colleagues’ festivities on the set, “I finally got my own, which was very, very fun and humiliating,” said the actress, who of course has gone from playing poor, fateful Cassie to her surprising twin. , Mariah. “Josh [Morrow, Nick] talte, Sharon [Case, Sharon] talte, Cait [Fairbanks, Tessa] talte. And my family got to be there, which made it even more special. ”

Next, Grimes came to her big message, which she explained in advance was “to light a fire under my own ass … [and] hold myself accountable to you guys so I can just get it done and hopefully launch this summer. “

But launch what? Launch what? “I will not do it unless I see those drum roll emojis,” she teased. Then she finally revealed it – nuances of Billy Abbott! – “I’m launching a podcast.

“I know,” she added with a laugh. “Rolling eyes begin.”

Grimes explained that she would The soap opera’s survival guide “to be a little procrastination. The world is a really hard and confusing place for many of us and this is my way of giving back and maybe just giving you an hour of fun and light-heartedness once a week.”

The preliminary plan is to launch through Patreon and donate a portion of the profits to another charity each month. Grimes expects the show to start as audio only, but her hope is to get it recorded a la State of mindmental-health-vlog hosted General Hospital leading man Maurice Benard (Sonny). Also like State of mind, each episode will feature a different guest from the daytime. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Tap the comments with the stars that you hope Grimes will talk to, and while you’re here, check out the photo gallery below celebrating her 25 years in Genoa City with a look back at Cassie and Mariah’s tumultuous lives.

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