What A Way To Start The Day! – West Side Rag

Photograph by Bob Tannenhauser.

By Carol Tannenhauser

Did you see it? It was only there for a few minutes, and it was spectacular! Then, the sky clouded over and it began to drizzle. Send us your photos if you caught it! (Thanks to Joe Colombo for the tip!)

Rainbow over Fairway, by Brian Reich.
Pretty Amazing, by Karen Beckhardt.
Gorgeous view, by Michael Bishop.
Showers! by Mark Maas (aka Snowglobe).
UWS Rainbow! by Nancy Ellman.
Hello sunshine! by Kevin Shultis.
Amazing, full-double rainbow, by Gus Hobbs.
Rainbow, by Daniel Katzive.
What a sight, by Judith Falco.
Taken from 114 & Frederick Douglass Blvd., by Allan Margolin.
Rainbow 28 Nov, by Simon Hannaford.
Central Park@97th facing west, by Irene Gamilos.
So stunning, by Ingrid Marcroft.
Upper east looking upper west, by Robyn Roth-Moise and her two thumbs.
Rainbow on West End Avenue, by Roschel Stearns.
Taken November 28, across the Hudson at 77th Street, by George Eberstadt.
From 104th & Riverside Drive, by Amy Singer.
Double rainbow this am, by Gary Waskow.
Double rainbow, by Lucy Painter.
From 68 & Riverside Blvd., by John Haley.
99th & Riverside Drive, by Mary Krieger.