Week 8 HOH Results – Big Brother Network Canada

We’re down for the last few weeks of Big Brother Canada 10, which means that any eviction matters. The first two members of the BBCAN10 jury have been formed and now it’s about the last two seats. So far, not many players have built a strong competitive resume. In modern Older brother, victories in the competition can have a big impact on the jury. If you have never been in a position of power, then how can the jury be sure that it was you who controlled the game?

Of all Big Brother Canada 10 players left, only two of them have won the Head of Household title and they have won it several times. About half of the remaining players have won at least one Vetokraft. Betty Yirsaw, Josh Nash, Summer Sayles, and Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos are the players who have not won a veto. The rest of the players have won each and every secret veto.

This means that there are six players left who have not yet secured a Head of Household victory. That means we’re going into this week’s Big Brother Canada 10 Head of Household Competition, there are six to a odds of a new player becoming Head of Household.

If Martin “Marty” Frenette also wins the head crown for a third week, they might as well start writing his name on the check. So who won this critical Big Brother Canada 10 Household manager? Read below to find out!

BBCAN10 Week 8 HOH results

This week’s postponement episode ended with the introduction of this week’s HOH competition. It is a competition where homeowners must try to stay in place the longest. Feed was down again for the night, but returned this morning.

Are you happy with this week’s Big Brother Canada 10 Head of household results?

Join us later today to find out who Marty is nominated for postponement. Join us all week for more important Big Brother Canada 10 results. Add us on Facebook, Twitterand download our app for all things Big Brother Canada 10.

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