Vigil renewed for season 2 with Suranne Jones

It appears that Suranne Jones is on her way underwater again, with the BBC announcing that the hit submarine drama Vigil has been renewed for another race.

The first season, launched in August 2021, saw Jones take on the role of DCI Amy Silva, who was sent aboard the titular nuclear-powered vessel to investigate a suspicious death on board.

That mystery seemed to be over at the end of the first round, so it’s not yet clear what awaits Silva in the follow-up season, but it will definitely be another exciting and thrilling tale – and will again be set and filmed in Scotland.

Author Tom Edge, who has been confirmed to return for the second round, suggested last year that future runs of the series would likely take place in a different setting.

“We have probably told as many of the stories as we would like to tell on a submarine,” he told

“[But] some of the characters that we have developed as we have made it, they feel like characters that we would love to dig into. So if there is a will to do that from everyone else, then I would definitely be ready for it. “

It is not clear at this time which stars will return, but we could imagine that Jones would once again be joined by Rose Leslie as Kirsten Longacre, a fellow police officer and former love interest with whom Silva resumed a relationship at the end of The first. season.

The news of Vigil’s return was confirmed by BBC’s Chief Content Officer Charlotte Moore in an interview in the current issue of Radio Times Magazine – along with announcements of the renewal of three additional hit shows.

The Martin Freeman drama The Responder, the Jamie Dornan thriller The Tourist and the gripping prison drama Time also all return in the second season.

Radio Times week 13 front page

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