Vancouver photographer captures the worker’s radiant smile

“I hope the worker gets to see this picture,” the photographer said.

A moment immortalized with the gentle click of a camera.

It was raining in Vancouver when the picture was taken, but you would not know it when you looked at the radiant smile from the man on it.

Artist Raphael Esiriel caught the contagious laugh of a construction worker when he saw him on the side of a statue building.

“I took the picture one rainy afternoon a week ago,” he says Vancouver is amazing. “They installed window panes and this worker caught my eye … he really enjoyed that moment and his smile was so contagious.”

The local photographer notes that it was a “tricky moment” because the workers pushed massive glass windows of a rope from the outside and the worker under it in the photograph had to catch it and install it without breaking anything.

“[It’s] not every day you see a guy so close to the edge, so high up, “he adds, noting that everyone at work was” ultra-safe “and there were no dangers.

The construction site is Vancouver Center II, which is a 33-story downtown office located near the intersection of Georgia and Seymour.

“I hope the worker gets to see this picture,” he said. “I think he saw me take some pictures from the other building where I was standing, but there was no way to communicate.”

Esiriel is a writer, artist and photographer living in Vancouver. You can see his words and art on Instagram with his account @ esi.riel and his photography with his account @heyyraphael.

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