UK grandmother, 91, looks 20 years younger when in a bikini

A great grandmother aged 91 gets chatted up by men 20 years younger when in a bikini.

And Joan Richmond-Woodhouse says her envied beach body look comes despite her love of meat pies and pub grub, The Sun reports.

The mum of eight and grandma of 18 says she is regularly mistaken for a woman in her 70s when sunbathing.

“I don’t know how to behave as a 91-year-old — I just act the same as I did when I was 21,” she said.

“I’ve always looked young and ­people are always shocked when I tell them my age as I don’t look, talk or act like I am 91.

“I love wearing a bikini and going to the beach with my granddaughter.”

Granddaughter Lydia, 27, a beauty ambassador, said, “It’s mad people 20 years younger try and chat her up.

“They don’t believe us when we tell them her real age — she doesn’t age.

“I hope when I’m older I’m like my grandma and inherit her genes and look as good as she does at her age.

“I really hope to have her luck. Lots of members of our family get complimented on our youthful looks and it’s almost like we get to a certain age then we age backwards.”

Retired dressmaker Joan, of Blackburn, now spends most of her time with boyfriend David Winder, 84, on Spain’s Costa Calida.

“I don’t do anything special to stay young,” she said.

“I love pies and English grub so I’ve stuck to eating that. I love a meat pie.

“I always go for a carvery every Sunday. I don’t follow any silly diets.

“I just eat what I want and what makes me happy. I just love English food — especially pub grub.”

Joan — who lost her retired solicitor hubby Trevor Woodhouse — swears by a Nivea cream, which she has used since she was 16 and she moisturises her whole body once a week.

She also loves clothes and likes to dress glamorously.

“I’ve never put any weight on,” she added.

“I think that must be my secret to my young looks.

“That and I just love life and have never had the mindset of being old.

“Age is just a number. I keep young by staying positive and eating what I want. It works for me.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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