Twinkle shares a balcony makeover video, revealing that he is forcing Nitara to make works of art

Actor who became a writer, Twinkle Khanna, has shared tips on how to give a balcony makeover. In a new video shared by Tweak India on YouTube, Twinkle said a person can enjoy coffee or a drink on a balcony, try gardening or even spy on neighbors. The news series, Spacelift, will show Twinkle giving his viewers tips and tweaks about makeovers in their houses. (Also read | Twinkle Khanna says Ruskin Bond has influenced his daughter Nitara in a ‘horrible way’: ‘You are still evil’)

In the video, Twinkle started by adding a wooden stand, with two shelves, to the edge of the balcony. She added books, candles, small plant pots, cups, coffee cans, etc. Over the stand she hung a few works of art to add color to the room.

Twinkle said, “You can also print family photos or even convince your family to try a DIY art project and get it framed.” She talked about her daughter Nitara Bhatia and said, “I force my daughter to make these little little works of art with the incentive that I want to hang it all up, and then she sits and does it.”

After adding the picture frames, Twinkle said one person might consider adding a vertical herb garden. She said, “Believe me, there is nothing like eating food that you yourself have grown.” Twinkle added another stand, slightly higher than the previous one, which she said can be used as a breakfast table. She added fruit and dessert plates as well as a small vase.

Twinkle also added a rug and chairs to the balcony. She also advised on the many different plants that a person can add to their balcony. She also made and sipped a drink when the video ended.

Part of the caption read: “In our first episode, we transform a small balcony into a stunning yet efficient space. You will see how much of a difference a small stand, a few paintings and a cantilevered table can make to transform your balcony into an area that will inspire you to have as much peaceful me-time as you can separate from your otherwise noisy day. “

Twinkle, the wife of actress Akshay Kumar, often shared posts on Instagram that gave glimpses of how she decorates her home. Recently, she shared a picture of herself with a book while sitting on a bench outdoors. She wrote: “Among other misdemeanors, like dropping soybean crumbs on the pages and highlighting and writing comments in the margins, I also read aloud, a few pages a day, to my family’s despair, even though it seems to amuse our dog. What peculiar do you have reading habits? “

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