TV tonight: Tom Allen at the helm of a new nautical comedy game show | Television

The island

22.00, Dave

In this new comedy game show, Captain Tom Allen drives a fantasy ship – except that the ship has sunk, and passengers Sara Pascoe, Johnny Vegas, Ninia Benjamin and Ahir Shah must each run to a nearby desert island and win points. From naming their nations to making ceramic busts of themselves, the mixed bag of bizarre point-winning tasks provides a relaxed escapism. Faithful deckhands Kemah Bob and Jason Forbes are also ready to bring “live” reports from the islands. Hollie Richardson

Master chef

20.00, BBC One

The annual cooking competition returns, and the first audition round has a twist: John and Gregg will not meet the contestants while preparing the meals. Instead, they will receive them in the deliberately scary new MasterChef Tasting Room. Phil Harrison

Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr

21.00, BBC One

The eight remaining designers are to renovate the house’s common room at a Bristol school. They have £ 3,000 and two days to turn these worn spaces into something cool (or actually “money”). As for Alan Carr, he seems nervous about going back to school: “I’m worried about getting riveted!” Graeme Dyd

Oleg in The Distant Barking of Dogs.
‘We are men, we must be able to endure everything’… Oleg in The Distant Barking of Dogs. Photo: Simon Lereng Wilmont / BBC / Final Cut for Real

Storyville: The Distant Barking of Dogs

22.00, BBC Four

“We are men, we must be able to endure everything,” 10-year-old Oleg said in the timely TV debut of this 2017 documentary, which follows his life in the Donbas region of Ukraine during the conflict. Over 12 months, we see how his family’s life is soundtracked by shootings and bombs – and yet they refuse to move to safety. SIR

Love in the flesh

22.00, BBC Three

Five couples who have only ever chatted online meet for the first time. The endearing host Zara McDermott invites them to an island “so idyllic that it can speed up any relationship”, and yet she says no couple is immune to “tests at every turn”. Prepare for the awkward first introductions. SIR


22.00, Sky Comedy

In this hit-and-miss comedy, the new staff adviser George (Katherine Kelly) gets her job out as she tries to improve team morale – and the empathetic boss Jo (Lucy Punch) welcomes her frustration. Elsewhere, Darrell is worried he could be deported back to Australia. Hannah Verdier

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