Try a wagyu fat caramel donut for one weekend only

words by kaya martin

Melbourne institutions Hector’s Deli and Victor Churchill are coming together to dish out the goods on December 3 and 4.

Two of Melbourne’s most beloved culinary establishments are joining forces for a two-day extravaganza. Hector’s Deli and Victor Churchill will team up on the weekend of December 3 and 4 to dish out two utterly gourmet fast food favourites. 

They will be working together to serve up a beef dip sandwich and a wagyu fat caramel and cream cheese donut. Snack-fanatics from far and wide will head down to Hector’s Deli in Fitzroy to try their luck at getting their hands on one of the extremely limited edition eats. With only 100 of each made every day, it’s first in, best dressed. 

Hector’s Deli X Victor Churchill Collaboration

  • The two restaurants will be dishing up a beef dish sandwich and a wagyu far caramel donut
  • There will be 100 of each available each day
  • On December 3 and 4, head to 111 Moore street in Fitzroy to grab the sweet eats

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Six months in the making, the collaboration puts a spin on iconic treats by using the highest quality ingredients and innovative techniques. The beef dip sandwich, going for $20, is served on a chewy, sesame-crusted French-style sourdough hoagie roll, made by Hector’s Deli’s expert bakers. On it, rare roasted Rangers Valley Black Angus beef, gooey provolone, horseradish cream and tangly pickled onions make for a flavour sensation. Dunk it all in the whiskey-tinged dipping sauce. 

The $7 wagyu beef fat caramel and cream cheese donut is also expected to cause quite a stir. Celebrated pastry chef Annaliese Brancatsiano was inspired by the rich, luxurious fat from Victor Churchill’s wagyu beef. Once mixed with locally made cream cheese, glazed the ultra-decadent, sweet, and unforgettable take on a bakery classic. 

“We wanted to create something simple that played into the concept of high and low, by applying the best ingredients in the world – like Anthony’s beef – to a sandwich or donut,” says Hector’s Deli founder Dom Wilton.  “I think we’ve nailed it.”  

If your mouth is watering (and how could it not be?) head on over to the Hector’s Deli website here