Toronto restaurant shames customer for skipping out on $100 food tab

We’ve all heard of the term “dine and dash” in which a person orders and eats food from a restaurant and promptly leaves in order to avoid paying the bill. 

One Toronto pub was recently rocked by one of these dine and dash incidents, in which one woman skipped out on paying her $100 tab. 

Joe Defreitas, who runs Irish Shebeen pub in Etobicoke told blogTO that the woman in question entered the restaurant alone, and ordered a small salad, personal pizza, and a chicken sandwich. 

“This person ordered more food than what a usual guest might in a visit, but were actually impressed,” Defreitas said. 

The staff allegedly even joked with her and told her she must be a competitive eater with the amount of food she ordered. 

After ordering more dessert, the woman was presented the bill, and that was when everything turned sour. 

“She says she’s in witness protection staying at a nearby hotel and that she’s from Ottawa and unable to use her cards,” Defreitas told blogTO. The woman then told the pub owner that her benefactor would pay the bill directly through their computer system with Google Pay. 

“I say that’s impossible unless you pay through your debit/credit machines,” Defreitas said. 

He then called the police, as the woman waited inside the restaurant. “I told myself if she manages to walk out, I’ll film her, which is what I did the moment she came out those doors,” the pub owner explained. 

Defreitas said he’s even received plenty of messages from restaurant staff all around the GTA saying that the same woman has dined and dashed at their business too. 

While the police failed to show up on time, Defreitas posted a warning to the Food and Wine Industry Facebook page warning other bars and restaurants in the area to watch out for the woman. 

It goes without saying, but if you intend to eat at any restaurant, make sure you have enough money in your wallet to pay your tab.