Toronto, as prices have risen significantly, but will they rise further?

It was good while it lasted – last week things looked hopeful as Toronto gas prices began to fall.

According to the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), the average price of gas on March 18 was 164.6 cents / liter – a marked decrease compared to 184.1 / liter the previous week.

But that trend was short-lived, because as of March 23, Torontonians can expect to pay an average of 170.7 / liter, while drivers across Ontario will pay 171.2 cents / liter.


According to Dan McTeague, president of the Canadians for Affordable Energy, prices have risen by 5 cents, but the increase may be temporary.

On March 23, he tweeted that after a rise of 5 cents, prices are expected to fall by 2 cents on Thursday.

According to the Gas Wizard, a website that predicts fuel prices, prices could also fall by 2 cents in Brampton and Montreal. Vancouver will see a drop of just 1 cent.

Gas Wizard

It may not sound like much, but we’re taking what we can get.

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