Toddler Attacked by Coyote Outside Woodland Hills Home – NBC Los Angeles

Los Angeles may be considered an ‘urban jungle’ but a Woodland Hills family is shaken up after their toddler was attacked by a coyote outside their home.  

“I heard her screaming and crying and I thought she fell down and I saw the coyote was there,” Ariel Eliyahuo, the toddler’s father, said.

The child’s parents are now concerned not only for their children but for other children in the neighborhood. 

Their ring doorbell camera captured what happened at around 3:45 p.m. Friday afternoon.

After grabbing his daughter and throwing a water bottle at the coyote, the child’s mother ran out the front door.

“I saw her pants were stained with blood, then I took them off and noticed they had scratches,” Shira Eliyahuo, the mother, said. 

They rushed her to get her help.

“We had to get a rabies shot and just hope everything is going to be ok,” the mother said. 

This year NBC has chronicled coyotes attacks on children.

Officials euthanized the coyote who injured a two year old girl in Fountain Valley, and most recently in Huntington beach this summer a coyote came out of nowhere one night on the beach and went after another two year old girl. The coyote was later shot and killed.

Here in the Woodland Hills, the couple have lived here for three years and have seen their share of wildlife.

“There are a lot of coyotes here we see but they usually run away,” the mother said.