This winding boardwalk trail near Toronto leads through a forest to a rare cobbled beach

With warmer weather on the way, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the fresh spring air. If you are looking for unique walks around Toronto, then this boardwalk trail, located just outside the city, is worth checking out.

The Rattray Marsh Conservation Area is a hidden gem in Mississauga. Filled with wildlife and beautiful scenery, it is the perfect place for a spring walk.

The protected area has elevated promenades that meander through forests and a wetland. As you stroll along the trails, keep an eye out for migratory birds and other animals such as rabbits and deer.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Rattray Marsh is the cobbled beach, which can be found along the Waterfront Trail. These types of beaches are considered to be rare worldwide and are created when rocks are pushed from the lake to the shore. Over time, the rocks become flat and round.

Something to be aware of when visiting this place is the connection point between the marsh and the lake. At times, the cobblestone beach creates a barrier between the water masses when waves or wind cause rocks to pile up. In the spring, meltwater can open the barrier, so depending on when you visit, it can be open or closed.

There are several other boardwalk trails to explore around the city, including the Crawford Lake Conservation Area, which has a trail around a unique turquoise lake.

Lace up your hiking boots and take a walk to this rare cobbled beach for a wonderful spring adventure.

Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

Price: Free

Address: 660 Bexhill Rd., Mississauga, ON

Why you should go: Take an elevated boardwalk path through a serene landscape and discover a rare cobbled beach at this location near Toronto.


Before you go, check out our responsible travel guide so you can be informed, confident, smart and, above all, respectful of your adventure.

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