This is what teachers really want for Christmas

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Each year, many Canberra parents will give a present to their child’s teacher to say thank you for the year that was.

It’s a lovely thought, especially given the tough few years in the education sector. But we had to wonder: what do teachers really want for Christmas?

Before you purchase that organic candle or mug, we thought we’d ask Canberra’s teachers for the outside-the-box gifts they’d love to receive this year. (It’s worth noting the most popular answers by far were wine and massage vouchers, and all we can say is we hear ‘ya.)

We bring you the most requested items from teachers themselves.

  • Handmade cards and things created by the students 🙂
  • Gift voucher for a massage/day spa
  • Wine (or tequila)!
  • Movie voucher
  • No mugs or hand cream please!
  • A lanyard
  • Miss M stamp voucher
  • Gift card for dinner
  • Pedicure voucher
  • Bunch of flowers/natives
  • Donation to charity
  • Book voucher
  • Teacher planners or awesome stationery!
  • Chocolate is good!
  • Appreciation – a nice thank you card is the best present
  • A voucher for Sephora or Mecca
  • Candles or chocolate
  • I actually really like soap – it’s practical and always gets used!
  • Notes from students that I can keep and remember them by – the students are worth the work!
  • Baked goods
  • An indoor plant for the classroom!