This BC City Was Ranked As One Of The ‘Best Metropolitan Areas’ In Canada & It Beat Toronto

All those in Victoria, rejoice! It’s now official that your city comes ahead of Toronto in a new ranking. The west coast city came in third place on the list of the Best Metropolitan Areas in Canada.

The Rentola ranking is based on Statistics Canada data on housing, equality, environment, income, crime, education, health, and labour.

Using the statistics, they compared everything from the average monthly rental prices and average income to perceived health factors and unemployment rate. They also used data on the ratio of educational degrees as well as the number of homicides to create the ranking.

They ranked 36 metropolitan areas in the country to find out which offered the best quality of life.

Just ahead of Victoria was Guelph, Ontario, with Ottawa-Gatineau coming out on top. Third place flew across the country to western Canada, but right behind Victoria was Quebec City.

Calgary came in fifth place, and Sherbrooke, Quebec, followed in sixth. Toronto was down at seventh place, which honestly isn’t so bad out of a list of 36.

A few other B.C. cities like Kelowna and Abbotsford-Mission also made the list.

Victoria had a high score for housing, environment, and equality. Though, it fell short in terms of education and health in the ranking.

Income, crime, and labour all scored just above 7 out of 10 on the scale.

Overall, the city scored 6.89 out of 10, while Toronto came in at 6.43.

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