This artist from Toronto sells some daring jewelry that shows their hatred for Doug Ford

After the long, tumultuous saga that has been Ontario’s handling of the pandemic, many people share the same very strong feelings about Premier Doug Ford, whether they arose as a result of his teams [mis]dealing with the health crisis, or already existed because of other policies and perhaps just grew because of it.

An artist from Toronto decided to take their disgust for the infamous leader and his platforms to a new level, and thus the epic “fuck Doug Ford” ring was born.

Tattoo artist Jay Rose brought his idea to another Parkdale creator, jeweler Liane Vaz, who has a storefront just a short walk down West Queen West from Rose’s own store, Delete After Death.

The time was May 2021, in the midst of another of Ford’s phased plans to lift lockdown restrictions, with both artists taking a particular issue (as many residents did) with the fact that malls and large checkout stores were allowed to remain open. , while they were small. companies were forcibly shut down and fought.

“Originally, the rings were made because of the delay in the opening date and that small businesses were blinded by it after buying hundreds of dollars of PPE, etc.,” Rose explains of her inspiration.

And then, after hiring Vaz on to the project, frustration was forged into a large statement signature ring with a simple message while both the tattoo and jewelry stores were closed to the public.

Like the online description of the work and the thought behind it details: “Many small businesses closed because of the provincial government’s incompetence in Ontario. And with that we say, fuck you Doug Ford!”

Images of the sterling silver piece have understandably sparked a flurry of conversations each time they have been shared on social media, including when Vaz again shared a post this week to his company account after another of the premier’s features angered her.

“I learned how many COVID tests were distributed to private schools compared to other sectors such as paramedics, shelters and prisons,” says Vaz, expressing concern about the Ford management’s license plate sticker initiative to get more votes – something she worries can prove. successful.

“I run a small business as a specialist jeweler and I have a lot of friends who also run small businesses. We’re all pretty tired when it comes to support from his government. The ring is a small piece of rebellion that Jay and I can put out into the world. “

Unfortunately, even though people seem to find the item hysterically amazing, not a single ring has been sold so far, which Vaz believes is due to the fact that no one wants to lose $ 280 on something with the premier’s name on it.

“But it produces good images and always starts a buzz, both negative and positive, when we post about it,” she says.

The custom-made rings are still available from Delete After Death’s online store for anyone interested and will remain for sale until Ford is out of the office.

Rose and Delete After Death also plan to donate any profits from the sale of the piece to a relevant local organization or charity.

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