Think locally and support your community: Fairfield Edition | Fairfield City champion

There are many definable benefits to buying locally.

Stores and other small businesses – whether they offer products, services or both – tend to hire locals.

On top of that, many smaller independent businesses, and even lots of franchise or retail businesses, are actually owned by the locals as well.

Buying locally is also convenient when you need after-sales support.

The benefits are also not limited to supporting small independent operators.

Lots of larger organizations also give back to the community in one way or another, be it through support to charities, sponsorship of local sports or community groups or even things like do-it-yourself and project workshops to improve the knowledge and skills of their local customer base.

Various companies, organizations and groups also go to great lengths to encourage local buying.

Governments and councils tend to have policies that encourage this, and Chamber of Commerce groups organize various things like events, reward programs, and other initiatives.

The simplest thing to do is to support local businesses and organizations that help create local jobs, whether in the manufacturing, catering, retail or service sectors.

To really worry about using locally, make an effort to find out who owns the store, business, retailer, workshop or mobile service.

And it has never been more important than now, as the continuing effects of the COVID-19 crisis are throwing local businesses into some of the toughest times they’ve ever seen.

Every little bit helps. So do your part and think locally!

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