The moment the man leaves Mercedes, presumably stolen in Sale

RECORDING from a police car camera shows a man leaving a Mercedes suspected of being stolen from Trafford – but officers quickly arrested the 24-year-old.

The clip, which was shared in a post on social media by GMP on Monday, shows the suspect slinging around in some carriages and then taking the stairs out of a parking lot.

According to the record, police tracked the Mercedes to the parking lot in Rochdale following a report of a burglary in Sale.

Although the man ran away, officers caught him and then arrested him on suspicion of burglary and other offenses.

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A large amount of class A and B substances were found.

The Post said: “Following reports of a burglary in Sale earlier in which a Mercedes was stolen, we tracked the car to this parking lot in Rochdale.

“The driver ran away, but our car movers chased and arrested a 24-year-old man, suspected of, among other things, burglary.

“Officers also found a large quantity of Class A and B substances after a search.”

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