The investigation by Hannah Clarke revealed that she complained about the controlling behavior of an alienated man before she was killed

In the months before she was killed by her estranged husband, Hannah Clarke complained that his controlling behavior had included demanding sex from her every day, a forensic investigation has been told.

WARNING: This story contains content that readers may find disturbing.

Rowan Baxter murdered Mrs Clarke and the couple’s three children in a fire attack on a suburban street in Brisbane in February 2020.

An investigation into her and her daughters’ deaths, Aaliyah, six, and Laianah, four, and son, three-year-old Trey, heard that Mrs. Clarke had described some of her estranged husband’s controlling behavior in the months before the murders.

Pastor Christopher Ensbey told the investigation he had spoken to both Baxter and Mrs. Clarke in the months before the murders.

He said he had received a phone call from Ms. Clarke in December 2019, in which she described some of his controlling behaviors, including the requirement for daily sex.

Ensbey said the claim appeared to be one of her “most significant” complaints about his behavior.

He said she also mentioned that Baxter had controlled and managed her daily schedule.

Sir. Ensbey said he attended a gym run by Mrs. Clarke and her estranged husband.

He said Baxter liked getting people to train until they threw up.

A woman hugs her son on a beach.
Hannah Clarke and her three children all died when Baxter poured them into gasoline and turned them on.(Delivered by: Sue Clarke)

Earlier, Coroner’s Court was told that a woman who knew Baxter said he had told her that forced sex was not rape.

Another colleague who knew him in New Zealand and later employed both him and Mrs. Clarke said Baxter had a reputation as “a bit of a hot head” and was known as the card heart.

Shoe store owner Lewis Clark said he first met the man who set the family on fire while playing rugby in New Zealand.

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