The Circle US drops shock Spice Girls reunion for season 4 launch

The Circle US season 4 spoilers for the first four episodes follow.

The Circle US has been spiced up for season 4, with the show introducing none other than Mel B and Emma Bunton as players.

Yep, the US incarnation of the social media reality show has the two Spice Girls icons playing as a catfish in the new season, which dropped its first four episodes today (May 4).

“We are coming to The Circle to spice things up a bit!” Emma declares in an introductory video, Mel admitting it was a “no brainer” to sign on to the show.


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The pair are introduced at the end of the first episode as a surprise celebrity catfish, and must convince players they are who they claim to be in order to add money to the prize pot.

Mel and Emma are playing as ‘Jared’, a single children’s book author who “loves cheese and wants to travel the world with the love of his life”, and are picked by top influencer Frank at the end of the episode to join The Circle.

As they formulate Jared, however, the Spice Girls stars start to squabble – though at least do a good job of convincing the other players.

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While in the game, the two also reflect on their time in the iconic band, including playing “King dares”. Mel recalls one incident where she peed into a pot outside Elton John’s room, and reveals that the girls would stand naked in front of a lift and play chicken to see who would run off before the door opened.

Later on in episode three, a ’90s party is thrown. The rest of the players are alerted to their arrival and have 24 hours to decide who Mel and Emma are playing as ahead of a vote at the end of episode four.

However, the show ends on a cliffhanger ahead of episode five’s release next week.

The first four seasons of The Circle US are available to watch on Netflix globally right now. In the UK, a version of the show used to air on Channel 4, hosted by Emma Willis.

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