The 7 Neuroscientific Secrets of Feeling Well Based on Your Brain Type

Creating consistent happiness is a daily journey. IN You, happier, Dr. Amen guides you through neuroscience-based habits, rituals, and choices that will boost your mood and help you live each day with clearly defined values, purposes, and goals.

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Daniel G. AmenMD, has helped millions of people change their brains and lives. He is the founder of Amen Clinics with ten locations across The United Statesa 12-time New York Times bestselling author and co-host of Podcasts The Brain Warrior’s Way, which he creates with his wife, Tana. Dr. Amen believes that we can end mental illness by creating a revolution in brain health, and he regularly speaks to companies, organizations and churches about how to have a better brain and a better life. He has millions of loyal brain warrior followers on his social media accounts.

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