The 3 zodiac signs with rough horoscope on April 16, 2022

With a full moon in the weight of the heels and the lunar square Pluto, it would not be too much of a surprise if the day is not everything we thought it was cracked to be, for a few of the zodiac signs, at least.

It is strange to think of a full moon in Libra, which is apparently filled to the brim with positive potential, being met with full force by the lunar square Pluto, which basically brings in as much dark energy as it can.

So to say the least, this day will create confusion on a grand scale.

This is the day you wake up and feel fresh like a daisy, and within a few hours you feel like the dirt it was planted in. Oh, Libra Moon, how you entice us to want balance and stability.

This desire alone feels so feasible and uncomplicated – balance, lightness, security. Once we get this into our heads, it’s exactly what we want.

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Such a simple request, and one like the Full Moon is far too willing to manifest for us until, of course, intrusive Pluto gets involved and demands attention. Nothing like Darth Vadar coming in and spoiling the party.

And that is how it will feel today; that field of flowers and sunshine – it’s just the Death Star in disguise.

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