UN says access to a ‘clean, healthy’ environment is a human right

Despite criticism from some countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, the new resolution — proposed by Costa Rica, the Maldives, Morocco, Slovenia and Switzerland — was passed ahead of the UNHCR session with significant support from 43 votes, according to a press release. . Russia, India, China and Japan abstained. The vote … Read more

COVID-19 pandemic sparked an increase in fear, especially among women: study – National

The COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in anxiety and depressive disorders around the world, especially among women and young people, according to a study published Friday in the Lancet. Young people suffered because school closures kept them away from friends, and many women found themselves being duped by housework and at increased risk of … Read more

Korean ISP sues Netflix over ‘Squid Game’ traffic spike

South Korean internet provider SK Broadband has sued Netflix to pay the costs of increased network traffic and maintenance work due to a surge in viewers to the US company’s content, an SK spokesperson said Friday. The move comes after a court in Seoul said Netflix should “reasonably” give back to the Internet service provider … Read more

California oil spill: cause of pipeline leak remains a mystery – National

Researchers looking for the cause of a oil pipeline break off the southern California coast have pointed to the possibility that a ship anchor dragged and cracked the line across the seafloor, but two videos released so far offer only tantalizing clues as to what might have happened 100 feet (30 meters) below the ocean’s … Read more

At least 50 dead, dozens injured in suicide attack on Afghanistan mosque

At least 50 people have been killed and dozens of worshipers injured after a suicide bomber attacked the Gozar-e-Sayed Abad mosque in northeast Afghanistan on Friday during weekly prayers. Authorities believe the attack, which took place in Kunduz province, specifically targeted the country’s Shia minority. It is the deadliest attack in Afghanistan since Allied troops … Read more

Trill Stripped of Hosting Rights of George Kambosos vs Teofimo Lopez World Title Match

When video social networking site Triller won a grant bid to host Teófimó Lopez’s unified lightweight clash against Australian George Kambosos Junior in February, it was hailed as a win for both boxers. What followed, however, was anything but. With promises of a career-high payday for both men, the fight between two undefeated stars is … Read more

Several dead in Afghanistan mosque explosion, witnesses and Taliban

Through Staff The Associated Press Posted on October 8, 2021 8:05 AM Smaller Font Reduce article font size –AN Larger font Increase article font size AN+ A powerful explosion at a mosque frequented by a minority religious group in northern Afghanistan on Friday, several victims, witnesses and the Talibansaid the spokesman. The blast happened at … Read more

Hundreds of giant sequoia trees may have been killed by California wildfires: official – National

Northern California wildfires may have killed hundreds of giant sequoias as they swept through groves of the majestic monarchs in the Sierra Nevada, an official said Wednesday. “It’s heartbreaking,” said Christy Brigham, head of resource management and science for Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks. The lightning-caused KNP Complex that erupted on Sept. 9 has … Read more

New Moon Samples Reveal More Recent Volcanic Activity on the Moon

Named after the mythical Chinese goddess of the moon, the mission brought the first fresh lunar samples in more than 40 years to Earth later that month. An international team of scientists has studied the rocks and produced one of the mission’s first results: the moon was more recently volcanically active than previously thought. A … Read more

Sanctions against North Korea must be lifted as food shortages loom, UN expert says

North Korea‘s most vulnerable risk of famine after it has been COVID-19 pandemic and UN. sanctions imposed for his nuclear and missile programs should be relaxed, a UN rights researcher said in a report seen by Reuters. The deteriorating humanitarian situation could turn into a crisis and it coincides with a global “creeping apathy” about … Read more

Federal judge blocks controversial Texas abortion law

A federal judge in Texas has temporarily blocked enforcement of a near-complete abortion ban in the state, calling the law “blatantly unconstitutional.” Senate Bill 8 has been dubbed the “Heartbeat Bill” because it bans abortion as soon as heart activity in an embryo can be detected on an ultrasound, often as early as six weeks … Read more

Magnitude 5.7 earthquake shakes southwest Pakistan, killing at least 11 – National

A powerful earthquake early Thursday shook a remote mountainous part of the southwest Pakistan strewn with coal mines and mud houses, killing at least 11 people and injuring more than 200, an official said. The death toll was expected to rise as officials search the remote mountainous region, said Suhail Anwar Shaheen, the area’s deputy … Read more

Google rolls out new flight search designed to help you fly ‘greener’ – National

Search for flights on google just got “greener”. A new search feature rolled out Wednesday will tell users which flights have lower carbon emissions, allowing them to choose flights based on carbon emissions, just as they would price or the number of stopovers. A simple flight search will give an estimate of how many kilograms … Read more

Woman sustains severe burns after trying to rescue dog from Yellowstone Park thermal pool – National

A woman in Washington state suffered severe burns to most of her body after trying to save her dog when it jumped into a thermal pool in Yellowstone National Park on Monday. The 20-year-old woman, who has not yet been identified, traveled to the national park with her father in the same car. The couple … Read more

Nobel Prize in Chemistry honors way of building molecules

STOCKHOLM — The Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to German scientist Benjamin List of the Max Planck Institute and Scottish-born scientist David WC MacMillan of Princeton University. They were cited for their work developing a new way of building molecules known as “asymmetric organocatalysis.” The winners were announced on Wednesday by Goran Hansson, … Read more

Hope for peace in the region ‘rests on Taiwan’s ability and cool-headedness’

Michael Wesley, deputy vice chancellor of the University of Melbourne, says China is flying warships over Taiwan’s airspace “very worrying”, but Taiwan is adept at handling Chinese aggression. “China is using these kinds of tactics against Japan over the disputed islands between Japan and China,” he told Sky News Australia. “It has done this regularly … Read more

EU Council talks Afghanistan, China on trade and rising energy prices – National

European Union leaders meet for the first time since the messy withdrawal of western troops from Afghanistan and Francethe loss of a multibillion dollar submarine deal with Australia, events they believe have been uncovered Europeneed for greater defense autonomy. The leaders will have plenty to discuss during their dinner at Brdo Castle in Slovenia on … Read more

New York Ethics Panel Launches Internal Investigation into Cuomo’s $5.1 Million Book Deal

The New York Ethics Panel has voted for an internal investigation into former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s $5.1 million (USD) book deal detailing how he is leading his state through the pandemic. According to the Daily News, the Joint Commission on Public Ethics voted unanimously in closed session. The commission will hire an outside … Read more

New Zealand unveils plans for vaccine certificates

New Zealand has unveiled its plans for vaccine certificates as it works to reopen. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the certificates will be tried out on participants at large-scale events and may extend to hospitality, but will not be required in supermarkets or hospitals. Residents will be asked to use their license or passport to … Read more

Russian film crew shoots into orbit to make first movie in space – National

In a historic first, Russia has launched an actor and film director into space to shoot a feature film in orbit — a project the country’s space chief has hailed as an opportunity to boost the prestige of Russia’s space program. to increase. Actor Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko flew to the International Space … Read more

Physics Nobel rewards work on complex systems, such as climate

STOCKHOLM — Three scientists on Tuesday won the Nobel Prize in Physics for work that found order in apparent disorder, helping to explain and predict complex forces of nature, including increasing our understanding of climate change. Syukuro Manabe, originally from Japan, and Klaus Hasselmann from Germany were cited for their work in “the physical modeling … Read more

AstraZeneca seeks US emergency approval for COVID-19 prevention drug – National

AstraZeneca has requested emergency use permission from: US regulators for his new treatment to prevent COVID-19 for people who respond poorly to vaccines due to a weakened immune system. In a statement on Tuesday, the Anglo-Swedish drugmaker said it had included data in its filing with the Food and Drug Administration from late-stage research that … Read more

Chinese whistleblower reveals torture of Uyghur prisoners in CNN interview

For nearly three years, CNN has been investigating allegations of gross human rights violations and a modern system of internment camps in China’s Xinjiang region. China denies allegations by the US State Department that Beijing has held up to two million ethnic Uyghurs and members of other minorities in internment camps. For the first time, … Read more

Children hit hard by COVID-19 need mental health care, UN report warns – National

Governments need to put more money and resources into preserving the mental wellbeing of children and adolescents, the UN child protection agency urged on Tuesday in a report that raised the alarm about beatings. mental health of the COVID-19 pandemic that is particularly hard on poor and vulnerable children. The United Nations Children’s Fund said … Read more