Australia has bought अमेरिकी 1.3 billion worth of US-made helicopters as the navy puts European-built MRH-Ta0 Typhoons in trouble.

The Royal Australian Navy is preparing to dump a troubled fleet of European-built MRH-90 Taipan helicopters, replaced by US-made Seahawks in a 1.3 billion deal. Highlights: The US Defense Security Agency has approved the sale of 12 Sikorsky Romeo Sihak helicopters to Australia. The helicopters are expected to eventually replace the Navy’s six Airbus-built MRH-90s. … Read more

Tehran urges Washington to release अर्ब 10 billion – Sky News Arabia

Tehran has asked Washington to release अर्ब 10 billion  Sky News Arab Iran needs to release १० 10 billion to start talks with the United States  Arab Abdullaheen: Tehran urges US to release १० 10 billion frozen as a sign of goodwill  raialyoum “बिल 10 billion” … an Iranian demand from the United States before the talks begin  Lebanon … Read more

September 2001 Attack … Decisive Choice at Twentieth Anniversary | #News_room – Sky News Arab

The attack of September 2001 … important choice in the twentieth anniversary #Newsroom  Sky News Arab The world remembers the 9/11 attacks … a widespread Western condemnation and solidarity with the victims  Al Jazeera Net The United States celebrates the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks – live coverage – 1:00:00 Moscow time  RT Arabic See full … Read more

Hank Taylor: The airport in the capital of Afghanistan is still safe – Sky News Arab

Hank Taylor: The airport in the #Afghanistan capital is still safe  Sky News ArabSee full news coverage on Google News .

Mark Milley warns of re-emergence of terrorist groups #Sky_Reporters – Sky News Arab

Mark Milley warns of threat of re-formation of terrorist groups #sky_reporters  Sky News Arab .

Tehran has denied responsibility for a tanker attack in the Arabian Sea – Sky News Arabia

Tehran has denied responsibility for a tanker attack in the Arabian Sea  Sky News Arab The U.S. military says a car bomb had exploded at an Iraqi police recruiting center at Kisak, west of Mosul  Arabic – News, Opinion and Radio Sputnik Investigator: Iran’s behavior poses a threat to Iran’s national security  Alghad TV – Al Ghad Channel … Read more

The United States says the Afghan civil war is one of many concerns

WASHINGTON: The United States said Tuesday that one of the biggest concerns about Afghanistan is that it could spiral into a civil war. Violence has escalated across the country since the United States announced plans in April to withdraw its troops unconditionally by September 11 after nearly 20 years of conflict. Taliban Looking for more … Read more

“Iran’s response will be collective.” The US Secretary of State provokes an interaction

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has stepped up interactions between activists on social media, saying after his remarks that Iran would respond by targeting commercial tankers in the Arabian Sea. “Collective.” In his statement, Blinken added that the attack shows that Iran continues to behave illegally when it … Read more

The United States is set to launch a new Afghan refugee program

Residents: US President Joe BidenAn administration official and two informed sources said Sunday that a new program would be launched to resettle some Afghans as refugees in the United States. Of US State Department On Monday the so-called priority was expected to announce the set-up of two refugee programs, three sources said, speaking on condition … Read more

Al-Nahda Movement Rejects President Cass Saeed’s Decision – Al Jazeera Channel Al-Jazeera Channel

The Ennahda movement renews its rejection of President Kais Saied’s decision  Al Jazeera channel Ghannouchi’s office confirms he has been discharged from hospital after treatment for a health problem  Arabic Tunisia Ghannouchi is maneuvering again … and the shocking response comes from within his party  Alghad TV – Al Ghad Channel Tunisia .. President Cass Said’s actions confuse … Read more

Salah al-Jowder: This attack is a repeat of terrorist acts and targets ships and oil carriers – Sky News Arab

Salah al-Jowder: The attack is a replay of terrorist acts and targets of ships and oil tankers.  Sky News Arab The US military has commented on how to attack an oil tanker from Oman  RT Arabic The U.S. military says a drone strike on an Israeli oil tanker from Oman was carried out by a drone in … Read more