Stock market on comeback path to what should be another fantastic earnings season

A specialist trader works in a booth on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York City, October 6, 2021. Brendan McDermid | Reuters Stocks proved hard to keep low this week, and the start of earnings season next week could further bolster the comeback if earnings come in as expected … Read more

The banner for MongoDB open source tops the प 30 billion market cap per week

When IBM Agreed to pay बिल 34 billion Red hat At the end of late 201, the deal marked a watershed moment for open source software, proving that companies can package free tools into many valuable products. That purchase price may soon seem like a bizarre remnant of the past. Friday, Of MongoDB Open source … Read more

The high US inflation rate could be challenging for the Australian economy

When US President Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in November, there was a quick consensus in the media and among pundits that the “Trump era”, defined by growing frustration with democracy and the political class, was approaching. Biden’s great-grandmother and excellent political reputation helped to heal a divided America, and articles in the US took … Read more

Shareholders can take advantage of Morrison’s ampoule bailout

The government is less about bailout savings companies of two oil refineries and more about rewarding shareholders, writes James Fernhoff. When Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced last month he would spend .4 2.4 billion Taxpayer funds to bail out Australia’s last two oil refineries, he said, presented it as a way to protect national security, … Read more