Australia has bought अमेरिकी 1.3 billion worth of US-made helicopters as the navy puts European-built MRH-Ta0 Typhoons in trouble.

The Royal Australian Navy is preparing to dump a troubled fleet of European-built MRH-90 Taipan helicopters, replaced by US-made Seahawks in a 1.3 billion deal. Highlights: The US Defense Security Agency has approved the sale of 12 Sikorsky Romeo Sihak helicopters to Australia. The helicopters are expected to eventually replace the Navy’s six Airbus-built MRH-90s. … Read more

Scott Morrison’s hand-picked general faces new military challenge after COVID vaccine rollout

Australia’s weakened Covid 1 vaccine has been named for another challenging task in the General Defense, appointed to fix the vaccine rollout, but it is unclear when he will be able to start his new role. Highlights: COVID Vaccine Rollout Owner Lt. Gen. John Frewen Appointed New Chief of Defense of Joint Capacity An internal … Read more

Submarine failure is the latest in a long list of coalition military failures

Modern history shows Australia’s alliance is unable to purchase effective defense plans and military hardware, writes Alan Austin. The latest failed attempt to upgrade Australia’s submarine – which has borrowed billions of dollars and wasted eight years – follows a string of coalition disasters. Failure at the top Australian governments have traditionally appointed defense ministers … Read more

Satellite Images North Korea Yongbyon Nuclear Facility Expansion | Military news is shown

The images suggest that the expanded enrichment plant could increase the production of weapons grade plutonium by up to 25 percent. Recent satellite images indicate that North Korea is expanding a uranium enrichment plant at its main nuclear compound, an indication that it intends to increase production of bomb materials, experts say. A report by … Read more

Why the AUKUS nuclear deal is irresponsible and dangerous

Provided by Xinhua As signatories and nuclear weapons states, Australia’s explicit nuclear technology support for military use by the United States and the United Kingdom will undoubtedly promote the proliferation of nuclear materials and technology. For years, the United States has turned a blind eye to some of its allies pursuing nuclear technology and weapons. … Read more

A day after the military budget was increased, China enters the Taiwan Air Defense Zone

Taiwan sent fighter jets to warn 10 Chinese planes, while missile systems were deployed to monitor them. Taiwan’s air force has struggled to warn 10 Chinese planes that have entered its airspace, with Taiwan’s defense ministry saying the island announced a b 2 billion increase in military spending to counter the threat from China. China … Read more

The United States and Australia have called for an end to violence in Myanmar

Washington [US]September 1 (ANI): The United States and Australia have called for an end to violence in Myanmar and the release of political prisoners, as well as arbitrary detentions by the military. The move comes after US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin hosted the 31st Australia-US Ministerial Meeting (AUSMIN … Read more

Australia shares a challenging environment with India

By Naveen Kapoor New Delhi [India], September 1 (ANI): Australia says it shares a challenging strategic environment in the Indo-Pacific with India and the decision to join AUKUS was taken after much deliberation. Barry O’Farrell, Australia’s ambassador to India, said China was carrying out the world’s largest military modernization. He stressed that Australia is striving … Read more

Israeli firm presents armed fighter drones to patrol the border Trade and Economy News

Israeli government-owned defense contractor Israel Aerospace Industries has unveiled a remote-controlled armed robot that can be used to patrol war zones, track intruders and open fire. The unmanned vehicle, unveiled on Monday, is the latest addition to the world of drone technology, rapidly shaping the modern battlefield. Proponents say such semi-autonomous machines allow the military … Read more

19 neurosurgeons rush to Dr. Charlie Teo. to defend

Neurosurgeons from around the world jumped to the defense of their colleague Charlie Teo after he was accused of operating on the wrong side of two patients’ brains. Thirty neurosurgeons have backed Charlie Teo after he was accused of operating on the wrong side of two patients’ brains. In a statement, the doctors — from … Read more

Australia and India pledge to strengthen military ties during first meeting of defense and foreign ministers

Australia and India have pledged to expand military ties following an inaugural meeting of defense and foreign ministers in New Delhi. Highlights: Australia has invited India to join the Talisman Saber military exercise with the United States India has not said whether it will accept the invitation for another exercise in 2023 Indian Defense Minister … Read more

A reflection of decades of failed US national security policy

The United States’ failed national security policy has long been delayed, he writes Katrina Wanden Havel. Our catastrophic misadventures in the Middle East and the global financial collapse of 2008 dramatically exposed the bankruptcy and failure of the bilateral establishment agreement. Yet civic movements are beginning to transform domestic politics, virtually invisible when it comes … Read more

Tent House Afghan evacuees at German Air Base

A video released by the US military on September 4 shows a convoy of Afghan rescue workers at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany. The tent pods were built as part of Operation Elise Refuge, which the military said provided “temporary accommodation, food and water, and access to medical care at Ramstein Air Base” for … Read more

The SAS ‘command and control’ overhaul after allegations of war crimes in Afghanistan

Taking care of Australia’s highest military unit, a very senior official will soon be commanding the Perth-based SAS to prepare for the “challenging decade”. Highlights: The leadership of the SAS is elevated to ensure “adequate capacity and proper supervision”. The defense minister says the change will improve the regiment’s accountability as it braces for more … Read more

The two American service members killed in Kabul were identified as Max Soviak and Karim Nikui.

Two soldiers have been identified as killed in an ISIS suicide bombing outside Kabul airport, reports said Friday. Max Soviak, a naval doctor in his early 20s, and Karim Nikoi, a Marine, have been identified as two of the 13 military personnel killed in an explosion at the Hamid Karzai International Airport on Thursday. Daily … Read more

How is the Taliban financially supported?

The Taliban have reportedly amassed 2.1 billion in war funds that have financed their campaign for control of Afghanistan. .

Former Myanmar strongman Than Shwe in hospital with COVID | Coronavirus epidemic news

Myanmar’s former military leader, who ruled the country with an iron fist for nearly 20 years, has been admitted to a hospital in Nay Pyi Taw after a positive test for Covid-1 for the virus, leaving his citizens stranded in overcrowded health facilities. Cases in the midst of a new rise across the country. Local … Read more

China concerned over proximity to Australia, Japan, India and US: Former PM Kevin Rudd World – ABC News (Australia)

China concerned over proximity to Australia, Japan, India and US: Former PM Kevin Rudd The world  ABC News (Australia) Beautiful woman or Godzilla? Two former prime ministers weigh in on Australia’s cool relations with China  ABC News See full coverage on Google News .

Expected military vaccination mandate results in backlash

Of Covid’s medicine The mandate for 1.3 million service members to arrive as soon as Friday is facing distrust among some military personnel who are now questioning their rights. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is expected to recommend soon that the covid vaccine is mandatory for all active duty forces in the U.S. military एक … Read more

Ben Roberts-Smith defamation suit postponed due to Sydney Covid disaster

Sydney Covid-1. The high-profile defamation trial of war veteran Ben Roberts-Smith has been postponed for three months due to the outbreak of. Highlights: The defamation suit was due back on November 1 The case was temporarily reopened last week to hear from Afghan witnesses via video link. A witness hearing will be held in October, … Read more

Kim Jong Un warned his sister in Seoul about military exercises with the United States

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his sister Kim Jong Un warned South Korea on Sunday that a joint military plan with the United States would increase tensions on the Korean Peninsula. North and South Korea have been talking about holding a summit in an effort to rebuild relations. After the ceasefire in 1953, … Read more

Yes, NATO and China are insecure

The two meetings of the G&N and NATO have undoubtedly focused on the growing power of a united front, both economic and military, built to threaten, confront, control and reduce China’s influence in the world. William Briggs. The G7 And NATO summits It has been made clear that the global economic and military focus will … Read more

Military news blames Myanmar security forces for burning a village in Magwe

An estimated 200 houses were reduced to ashes and bricks in a fire that engulfed Mama Tuesday in a village of about Ma00 people. The army set fire to a village after clashes with opposition groups in central Myanmar, leaving at least two elderly people dead, according to many villagers. News of the army’s alleged … Read more

‘Our only option’: Myanmar citizens take up arms for democracy | Conflict news

In the weeks following the February 1 military coup, Andrew rallied millions across Myanmar to return to peaceful civilian rule. Less than two months later, the 227-year-old was trained to kill soldiers with a wooden hunting rifle in the jungles of Kaya, a state bordering Thailand. “Before the beating, I could not have killed an … Read more

Taiwan’s ally the US and Japan have deepened ties with the country

Beiji [China]Taiwan’s allies – the United States and Japan – are helping to shield their ties with the Democratic People’s Republic of China from the growing threat posed by China, which has kept Beijing tight. J. Michael Cole wrote in The National Interest that it is now difficult to express its dissatisfaction with the coronavirus, … Read more