COVID-19 pandemic sparked an increase in fear, especially among women: study – National

The COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in anxiety and depressive disorders around the world, especially among women and young people, according to a study published Friday in the Lancet. Young people suffered because school closures kept them away from friends, and many women found themselves being duped by housework and at increased risk of … Read more

The mantra reveals the origin of the new Delta version

The new delta strain operating in western Sydney has arisen from a repatriated foreign traveler, Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant has revealed. Dr. The origin of the Chant variant has been confirmed to remain under investigation by investigators but convinced residents suggest the initial analysis stresses “no longer broadcastable”. “As a routine, we conduct … Read more

Lieutenant Governor of Idaho Bans Vaccination Mandates While Governor Is Out of State

Idaho lLieutenant governor Janice McGeachin has issued executive orders that: included banning vaccine mandates and trying to activate members of the National Guard to send to the border with Mexico without authorization while Governor Little was out of state. What to do? you think? “What fool does more work while the boss is away?” Shanice … Read more

Officials Seize Nearly 1K Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards in Baltimore Area – CBS Tampa

Melville, NY: A photo of a hand using a magnifying glass to verify the authenticity of the Covid-19 vaccine card, taken on August 15, 2021. A card that is genuine has the CDC logo. (Photo by Raychel Brightman/Newsday RM via Getty Images) BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Since the start of the pandemic, investigators from the Baltimore … Read more

Candlelights for a Cure honors Bay Shore, Central Islip and Brentwood’s COVID-19 victims

Andres, Jose and Carlos. Mary, Estrella and Martha. The names go on and on. They worked in supermarkets and hospitals. As community activists and as food service workers. Some were grandparents. Others young adults with young children. They were siblings, sons and daughters. Almost all of Spanish descent. These are some of the 57 names … Read more

Rising battle for coronavirus vaccines in Zimbabwe – global issues

Zimbabweans are easily joining the queues for the COVID-19 vaccine, but the rollout has not gone smoothly. Credit: Jeffrey Moyo/IPS by Jeffrey Moyo (Harare, Zimbabwe) Friday 08 October 2021 Inter Press Service HARARE, Zimbabwe, Oct 08 (IPS) – More than a month ago, she lost her parents, brother and wife to the coronavirus. Then her … Read more

Los Angeles County Sheriff Won’t Enforce Vaccine Mandate

Los Angeles County Sheriff Says He Won’t Enforce County’s Vaccine Mandate In His Office ThroughThe Associated Press October 8, 2021, 4:40 PM • 2 minutes reading Share on FacebookShare on TwitterEmail this article LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles County Sheriff says he will not enforce the county’s vaccine mandate in his office. Sheriff Alex … Read more

Build forward fairer in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic — Global issues

A view of the city of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Credit: UN News / Vibhu Mishra Opinion by Windi Arini (Jakarta) Friday 08 October 2021 Inter Press Service JAKARTA, Oct. 8 (IPS) – Since 2020, cities have been the epicenters of the COVID-19 pandemic. City authorities are on the front lines, from running test … Read more

BC 911 callers left Thursday with ‘extensive’ delays

British Columbia’s emergency medical system came under scrutiny again Thursday, amid “extensive” delays for people calling 911. E-Comm, the agency that operates BC’s 911 call centers, took to Twitter multiple times throughout the day to alert callers to the backlog. “We are seeing continued delays on 911 this morning as our call takers are busy … Read more

Hunters break coward records as cases between aboriginal and non-vaccinated growth

The number of active cases of COVID-19 in the Hunter New England region has crossed 1,000 for the first time, with a record number of cases reported today. Highlights: Children account for 20 percent of poaching cases Cases are on the rise among people who have not been vaccinated An eight-day concern about the risk … Read more

Hope, BC restaurant revoked business license for vaccine passport defying

A restaurant in British Columbia that publicly defied the provinces COVID-19 vaccine passport system has lost its business license for six months. The District of Hope confirmed that officials served the suspension on Rolly’s Restaurant on Thursday for non-compliance with BC Vaccine Card regulations. Read more: Some companies are publicly defying BC’s vaccine passport program … Read more

Pfizer asks for US approval for Covid vaccine for children aged 5-11

US drugmaker Pfizer said on Thursday it has formally requested permission to use its Covid-19 vaccine in children ages five to 11. Pfizer tweeted early Thursday that the two companies had “officially submitted our request” to the FDA “for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of our #COVID19 vaccine in children ages 5 to Originally published as … Read more

Where on earth is the water safe world? – Global issues

Thoughts By Vladimir Smakhtin (Hamilton, Canada) Thursday, October 2021 Inter Press Service HAMILTON, Canada, Oct. (IPS) – It’s not uncommon for a water-focused research, policy or development organization or network to announce its long-term vision of a “water-safe world.” And it is intuitive and logical that a water safe world is one where “water security” … Read more

Religious exemptions from vaccine mandates tested in New York case

Thousands of New York health workers find themselves in uncertainty as a federal judge considers whether the state’s vaccination mandate must comply with requests for religious waivers, in a case that could lead to similar policies in other states. As written, the New York vaccine mandate applies to all people who work in hospitals and … Read more

Can you refuse to work with an unvaccinated colleague in BC?

Can British Colombians refuse to work with a colleague who has not been vaccinated? COVID-19? It’s a question some workers are asking amid slow new vaccination numbers and consistently high daily numbers of new cases, mainly driven by unimmunized British Columbians. It is also a question without a clear answer from officials or experts in … Read more

WHO endorses ‘historic’ malaria vaccine for at-risk children – Global Issues

The vaccine is aimed at children, in sub-Saharan Africa and other regions with moderate to high transmission. The recommendation to start using the RTS,S vaccine is based on an ongoing pilot program set up by: WHO and partners in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi, which has reached more than 800,000 children since 2019. “The long-awaited malaria … Read more

Covid-1N NSW: Sydney Model of University claims state could ban up to 40,000 per day

The NSW will ease the ban when the0 percent of the population is vaccinated, but the number of cases could be epic if the state suddenly opens up, experts claim. Experts at the University of Sydney have made the extraordinary claim that if the NSW government had fully vaccinated 0% of the population, the number … Read more

Australia’s 30 million vaccine dose will reach milestones

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that Australia will hit 30 million doses of the vaccine this week. “And that’s what we do now in the first week of October,” Mr Morrison said. He said it showed Australia had overcome the problems and challenges it had previously experienced in the vaccine rollout. “And we’ve turned … Read more

NSW Premier Dominic Perotet announces ban and changes to roadmap out of lockout – Video | Australia News

NSW Premier Dominic Perotet has announced changes to the state’s Covid-1 ban, effective Monday, October 11th. The new prime minister announced that the indoor swimming pools would reopen and people would pick up hats at home visits and outdoor gatherings. Caps for weddings and funerals will be increased to 100. All NSW children will return … Read more

Australia Covid News live update: NSW records 587 cases as Perrottet announces ban change; Victoria 1,63 cases, two deaths – Parent Australia record

Australia Covid News live update: NSW records 587 cases as Perrottet announces ban change; Victoria 1,63 cases, two death records  Guardian AustraliaSee full coverage on Google News .

Australia Covid News Direct Update: Changes to reopen NSW flag; Victorian baby cancer patients exposed | Australia News

I don’t think anyone’s private Christian faith should be an obstacle to serving them in public life. That issue has been resolved. And finally, as a head of the NSW, I will serve every single person. I think my faith has served me well in doing this and I believe in the principles of freedom … Read more

Malaria vaccine a ‘breakthrough for science’, says WHO chief | health news

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday that the only approved malaria vaccine should be given widely to African children, marking major advances against a disease that kills hundreds of thousands of people every year. The WHO’s recommendation is for RTS,S, sold as “Mosquirix,” a vaccine developed by British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline. Since 2019, 2.3 … Read more

CMA president says health workers feel governments are gasping over COVID-19

The President of the Canadian medical association says provinces like Alberta are gaslighting health workers about the toll the COVID-19 crisis takes over the healthcare system. dr. Katharine Smart says there is a sense of hopelessness among health professionals in the country that their governments are not listening to them as they try to contain … Read more

Psychological Health for Individuals in Abu Dhabi Letter “Response”

أعلنت دائرة تنمية المجتمع في أبوظبي بالتعاون مع دائرة الصحة ومركز أبوظبي للصحة العامة, وشركة أبوظبي للخدمات الصحية «صحة», عن تقديم خدمة الدعم النفسي للأفراد الذين يعانون من الضغوطات النفسية المختلفة, وذلك عبر خط «استجابة» التابع لمركز قيادة العمليات الطبية في دائرة الصحة Abu Dhabi. This is in spite of the constant longing to present … Read more