A US court has allowed Texas to ban most abortions

Tens of thousands of women took to the streets in cities across the United States last weekend, claiming their reproductive rights. A U.S. federal appeals court ruled Friday that Texas could resume its ban on multiple abortions, two days after another court suspended the ban. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, appealed the decision … Read more

Former friends of Benjamin Glenn Hoffmann take a stand on his Supreme Court murder trial

A witness in the Benjamin Hoffman murder case told the court that the accused was drinking water mixed with drugs and ice at a speed of 1 km in the morning during the alleged shooting. Highlights: Benjamin Hoffman is accused of killing four people during an alleged shooting in Darwin He has pleaded not guilty … Read more

Teachers have challenged the Victorian government’s covid vaccine1 vaccine order

Andrews, a Victoria emergency relief teacher, has become the first person to lead a court challenge to the government’s vaccine mandate, claiming it violates his human rights. Highlights: An emergency relief teacher studying the law is taking the Victorian government to court for its mandatory vaccination rules. In her claim, she is seeking an injunction … Read more

Does Brett Kavanaugh’s COVID-19 diagnosis affect the term of the new Supreme Court on Monday?

Brett Kavanagh was the judge of the United States Supreme Court on Friday Appeared To test positive for Covid-1 for a few days before a new term begins. Under the protocol of the Supreme Court, judges are regularly tested regularly and Kavanagh has been tested negative till Monday. On Thursday, he was given a new … Read more

A teenager has been remanded in custody in connection with the Kalgup accident that killed two children

A teenager has been sentenced to more than three years in prison for killing two boys in a horrific car crash in south-western Australia. Highlights: A 1-year-old girl says she is deeply saddened by a fatal accident in southwest WA The president of the juvenile court says the girl was quick to impress people The … Read more

NT Supreme Court Benjamin Glenn Hoffmann Alleged Michael Sisois Murder CCTV Shown

Video footage from the moment Berjamin Glenn Hoffman allegedly murdered Michael Sisois in Darwin Car Park has been shown to a northern jury. Highlights: Mr Huffman’s nine-week murder trial is in its second week Michael Sisois died in the car park of the Buff Club The jury heard from a witness who entered the car … Read more

Arrests, rages and court battles – the case of Meng Wanzhou

Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, walked out of the courtroom in August after an extradition hearing. The arrest of Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, in Vancouver on a US warrant in 2018, sparked an unprecedented dispute between Beijing and Ottawa after China detained two Canadians. Here are the key dates in the case: … Read more

Huawei executive lands in China after agreement with US

The red banner in the Shenzhen airport arrival hall read “Welcome home, Mengzhou,” and a crowd of about 200 supporters waved Chinese flags and banners. Huawei’s executive Mei Wanzhou returned to China on Saturday after two Canadians released from Chinese prisons arrived in Calgary, ending a three-year diplomatic standoff. McGregor and two Canadians – former … Read more

A man is in custody at Cairns Central Shopping Center on death row charges

A 38-year-old man has been detained in connection with the murder of a man at Cairns Shop Center yesterday morning. Highlights: Nicholas George Bock was charged with homicide at night Mr Bok was not present in court because he was worried about moving his watch from home Police prosecutors said there is a significant amount … Read more

The woman weeps for her baby as the knife-wielding thief pulls her out of the car

A mother and her child were jailed in Manchester, England, on September 1 on charges of involvement in an armed operation by three men. Footage released by Greater Manchester Police shows knife-wielding thieves pulling a mother out of her car, with her baby tied to the back seat, at 1am. In a statement, police said … Read more

A Kenyan court has convicted a former minister of corruption

Nairobi, Sept 15 (Xinhua) – A Kenyan court on Wednesday convicted former sports cabinet secretary Hassan Wario of corruption and abuse of office, which cost public funds for the Rio 201 Olympic team. Stephen Arp Soi, the team’s chef-day-mission and Kenya’s former National Olympic Committee (NOCK) executive, has been convicted. Dressed in a dark suit, … Read more

Property value proof Bald Hills wind farm thrown out in court battle

Evidence provided by a farmer that his property values ​​were dropped near a wind farm cannot be used in a Victorian court case. Highlights: Wind Farm has been thrown out to show the value of a property has fallen Noel Uren is claiming $ 200,000 and other damages in a case before the Supreme Court … Read more

Uber has said it has no plans to hire a driver following a Dutch court ruling

Uber says there are no plans to hire a new driver after a Dutch court in the Netherlands Ruled Monday that they are employees and not contractors. This decision means that Uber drivers in the country will be entitled to more workers’ rights than to become classified contractors. In its ruling, the Amsterdam district court … Read more

The publisher lost the High Court appeal in the Dillon Bholar defamation suit

Media giants Ninefax and News Corp have lost High court case Looking for “get-out-of-jail-free” cards in relation to abusive content published on their social media pages. Dr. Martin Hurst No wonder this decision. There is a high court Confirmed That intent to defame rather than defame is a key component in defamation proceedings, even if … Read more

Apple Epic Payment hits the epic court battle

Apps are only allowed on Apple mobile devices through the App Store, which requires them to follow the rules for privacy and security. A U.S. judge on Friday ordered Apple to relinquish control of its App Store’s payment system, citing a breach of trust with Fortnite maker Epic Games as a major blow to global … Read more

The Coalition is responsible for the death of an Australian family court

The government will complicate the family law system with the merger of the family court with the federal circuit court, writes Graham Parrett. For 45 years, Australia’s family court has been the envy of the world. Since September 1, this jealousy is no more. Designed as a stand-alone, expert court with an embedded multi-disciplinary team … Read more

The lawyer argues that former NSW Labor Minister Ian MacDonald’s health condition will be difficult to manage in prison.

A court has ruled that former NSW Labor Minister Ian MacDonald’s health condition, including “old constipation”, should be considered in a sentencing license conspiracy. Highlights: McDonald’s, Obed and Moses Obed convicted of conspiracy to obtain coal license McDonald’s lawyers have argued that his clients are at high risk of contracting covid-1ing in prison. The judge … Read more

Mexico’s Supreme Court has ruled that abortion is unconstitutional

Proponents of the legalization of abortion take part in a demonstration in Guadalajara, Mexico, on September 2, 2020, in the framework of International Safe Abortion Day. Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that criminalizing abortion is an unconstitutional decision that has been hailed as “historic” by rights activists in conservative Latin American countries. The information group … Read more

The cafe owner refused to wear a mask on the charge of not wearing a mask

Following the arrest of the owner of a south-east Queensland cafe, she and her staff have rejected police instructions to wear a mask, saying she is unable to appear in person in her court statement because she does not wear a mask. Highlights: Sarah Parsons was unable to have a personal hearing in her court … Read more

Canberra man Joshua Higgins jailed for stabbing to death

Joshua Higgins, a Canberra man, has been sentenced to eight years in prison for killing Jay Ho Oh, who was stabbed to death in his home in 201. Highlights: Joshua Higgins was convicted earlier this year of murder, not murder Today he was sentenced to eight years in prison with a five-year non-parole period Higgins … Read more

A man is in court on charges of murdering a Melbourne woman, Mary Hamka

A man has appeared in court on charges of murdering a Melbourne woman, Mary Hamka. Ms. Humka, 36, was last seen on April 10 when she walked out of a supermarket on Albert Street in Brunswick at 5:30 p.m. Her family reported her missing five days later. Toby Logan, 41, of Brighton, is facing a … Read more

Book Extract: ‘Broken’ – requiem for family court

On September 1, the Australian Family Court will merge with the Federal Circuit Court. The Morrison government says it will “help reduce delays and backlogs in family law courts.” In any case, the merger has been strongly opposed by legal and domestic violence experts, who note Australia would be without an expert, standing alone as … Read more

A federal court has upheld Roof’s death sentence

A federal appeals court on Wednesday found Dylann Roof guilty of murdering nine members of a Black Church congregation at Mother Emanuel Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina and upheld the death sentence. In 2017, Ruff became the first person in the United States to be sentenced to death for a federal hate crime. Approved … Read more

Pavel Klosowski loses appeal after son Lukasz and girlfriend Chelsea kill Ireland

Emotional scenes after the monster father shot and killed his son and son’s girlfriend were a big legal shock. The father of a South Australian man who killed his son and teenage girlfriend on a family barbecue failed to spend less time behind bars for a “brutal, execution-style” murder. There were dramatic scenes when the … Read more