Sunny Bill Williams talks toilet tryst with Candice Warner in the new book

Retired cross-code rugby star Sony Bill Williams has lifted the lid on one of Sydney’s biggest celebrity scams, revealing he was “a slave to my wishes and desires” before converting to Islam. Williams, a one-time NRL wunderkind who had the world at his feet, opens with his upcoming autobiography You Can’t Stop The Sun From … Read more

Adele’s UK and US indulgence interview reveals intimate details about her divorce and weight loss

She could be half the woman she used to be, but Adele hasn’t changed where it counts. The British superstar is preparing to release her debut album in five years and is back in the spotlight with a magazine for the first time appearing on the covers of both the UK and US indulgences. And … Read more

Super fans are liars because China has caught the ‘false idols’

Chinese entertainers who want mainstream success have few options but must agree with the state, the rejection of which could ultimately drown their careers. Beiji High School Chen Zichu spent 30 minutes promoting actor Xiao Zhan online as a lean of online fans before being insulted by the government for promoting “unhealthy values”. State rules … Read more

The Queen makes her first public appearance in about two months

The Queen made her first public appearance in almost two months with Prince Charles at Balmoral. The couple planted a copper plant and students from a nearby school joined the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee initiative called Green Canopy. The program aims to create a lasting legacy through a network of trees planted in his name. .

Princess Beatrice reveals the name of her newborn daughter

Princess Beatrice and her husband Edoardo Mapeli Mozi have revealed the name of their newborn daughter on social media. Sienna Elizabeth Mapeli Mozzie’s daughter was born on September 1 and is the queen’s 12th great granddaughter. The Siena couple is the first child to share together but is the stepmother of Princess Beatrice Wolfe, the … Read more

Big show ‘The View’ after TV host Sunny Houston and Anna Navarro Covid-1L looked positive on live broadcast

View Host Sunny Houston and guest host Anna Navarro both tested positive for COVID-19 before an interview with Vice President Kamala Harris, sending the rest of the show’s hosts into a live-on-television fight to fill airtime while the show adjusted its plans. . According to a White House official, Harris did not speak to Houston … Read more

Fan theory behind Britney Spears’ latest social network and Instagram break wild

As pop star Britney Spears makes her back on Instagram, her fans are skeptical if this is indeed a gimmick peacock singer. Last week, Britt deactivated her social media account, sending the ‘Britney Army’ into a frenzy. Spears said on Twitter that she was just taking a break to celebrate her engagement. “Don’t worry people … Read more

Princess Beatrice gives birth to a baby girl

Princess Beatrice and her husband Edoardo Mapeli Mozzie have welcomed their first child – a daughter. The queen’s granddaughter gave birth to her daughter at Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals and Buckingham Palace saying they were doing well. The daughter will be 11th in line for the throne and the queen is the 12th great granddaughter. … Read more

TV lovebirds Rhonda and Ketut will return to the new AAMI vaccination campaign

It’s been almost a decade since their buffalo balinese romance captured our hearts and now cult TV couple Rhonda and Ketut are preparing to return to our screens. The loving couple – whose romance in a series of AAMI commercials ended happily in 2014 – the insurance company will return this weekend as a vaccine … Read more

SAS Australia: Former My Kitchen rule judge Manu Fieldel faces ‘death by drowning’ drill

Former My Kitchen Rule Judge Manu Fieldel was the third contestant to voluntarily withdraw from SAS Australia before the “Death by Drowning” fake drill drill. He spent just eight minutes on Wednesday night’s episode, in which one of the remaining recruits was seen trying to escape from a sunken jeep. The car is filled with … Read more

Former Wiggle Greg Page recalls the health spark which advocates heart disease

Former Yellow Wiggle Greg Page says his involvement in promoting a “survival chain” for heart disease victims to become a “driving factor” while demonstrating his major health fears has backfired. The 4-year-old, founder of Heart of the Nation Australia, needed resuscitation from the audience after he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest जस with a 90 … Read more

‘Shocking’ Gavin News has not visited the southern border: Caitlin Jenner

Former Olympian and Republican candidate for California’s return election, Caitlin Jenner, has criticized Governor Gavin News – saying it was “shocking” that he had never visited the southern border. “Then I went to the border. The first thing the border agents told me was that these wonderful Americans are working really hard in really difficult … Read more

Who is Kenya West Homeware? | Now Perth

Virgo West has reportedly filed a trademark application to launch a homeware brand under its own name. TMZ has obtained legal documents filed by the 44-year-old rapper’s firm, Mascot Holdings Inc., which lists the types of items the ‘ultralight beam’ hitmaker wants to name. They include shower curtains, wall decorations, towels, placemats, and bedding blankets, … Read more

The Covid 1 ban means the kiss will now hit Perth at the RAC Arena on March 26-26.

Kissing fans have to wait a little longer to roll through the night with rock and rock leak legends. Renowned for a high-energy concert filled with greasepants, pyrotechnics and fist-pumping rock songs, the American band was to play RAC Arena on November 14 as part of the end of the road farewell tour. Anyway, the … Read more

Martin Bryant’s film Nitram wins डलर 100,000 CinefestOZ award at WA premiere in Baselton

A jury of industry experts, including Hollywood star Isla Fisher, who grew up in Perth, awarded the richest film award of its kind in Australia to the nation’s most controversial film, the Martin Bryant biopic, Nitram. The film, which won the ine 100,000 CinefestOZ award and its WA premiere at the Busselton-based Film Festival on … Read more

Farmer wants a wife: Haley Love returns to Instagram to post pregnancy questions

Farmer wants to post a teaser about her pregnancy to his wife Star Haley Love on Thursday evening to her 35,000 followers on Instagram. In an Instagam story, Love shared a picture of her 3D ultrasound and asked to vote whether the baby is a girl or not. “So I haven’t really spoken here before,” … Read more

Royals ‘happy’ Meghan did not attend Prince Philip’s funeral

The royal family was “quietly happy” Meghan Markle did not attend the funeral of Prince Philip with her husband Prince Harry, says a new chapter in the biography ‘Finding Freedom’. All the books told to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reveal the family was afraid her family would create “a circus” or “a spectacle”. … Read more

Royals ‘happy’ Meghan did not attend Prince Philip’s funeral

The royal family was “quietly happy” Meghan Markle did not attend the funeral of Prince Philip with her husband Prince Harry, says a new chapter in the biography ‘Finding Freedom’. All the books told to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reveal the family was afraid her family would create “a circus” or “a spectacle”. … Read more