Australia has bought अमेरिकी 1.3 billion worth of US-made helicopters as the navy puts European-built MRH-Ta0 Typhoons in trouble.

The Royal Australian Navy is preparing to dump a troubled fleet of European-built MRH-90 Taipan helicopters, replaced by US-made Seahawks in a 1.3 billion deal. Highlights: The US Defense Security Agency has approved the sale of 12 Sikorsky Romeo Sihak helicopters to Australia. The helicopters are expected to eventually replace the Navy’s six Airbus-built MRH-90s. … Read more

France has recalled its ambassador to Australia following a submarine dispute

PARIS, Oct. (Xinhua) – France’s foreign ministry has announced the return of its ambassador to Australia after “extensive consultations” over the past three weeks in a strategic move to scrap a अरब 1 billion submarine deal with Australia. “Resolving the deep confidence crisis arising from Australia’s decision will take a long time and concrete steps … Read more

AUKUS is nothing more than a re-election stunt

The AUKUS Security Agreement undermines our nation’s sovereignty and maintains our position as a lapdog for the United States, Drs. Geoff Davis. Only once has Australia actually been threatened with military action and the bailout of an Australian prime minister has played a key role in bringing that threat. Now the incitement of another Prime … Read more

AUKUS is nothing more than a re-election stunt

The AUKUS Security Agreement undermines our nation’s sovereignty and maintains our position as a lapdog for the United States, Drs. Geoff Davis. Only once has Australia actually been threatened with military action and the bailout of an Australian prime minister has played a key role in bringing that threat. Now the incitement of another Prime … Read more

Risky trade behind Morrison’s submarine deal

The Australian Government’s sudden commitment to build nuclear-powered submarines is a tale of some skulduggery and a game of high risk / high return. The so-called AUKUS agreement One is Boris Johnson, the pudgy dabs of the British Prime Minister, if you choose to think about business first – the other is the submarine contract. … Read more

Trevor St. Baker and the latest push for nuclear energy

Following the Morrison government’s new poorly defined arrangement for acquiring nuclear technology from its UK and US (AUKUS) alliance partners, we have seen a new push from nuclear advocates for a domestic nuclear energy industry. Senator Matt CanavanAustralian Trade Unions (AWU) And pieces seen in Murdoch Media Have been leading the charge. There was a … Read more

Scott Morrison is destroying the future of Australia inside and out

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has tarnished Australia’s image both abroad and within his own government John Wren. Much of the news cycle over the past two weeks has been affected by Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s repeated announcements of the source’s intentions. Nuclear submarines Either from the United States or the UK (or possibly both). Like … Read more

Accident PM by Annika Smethurst

Stephen Saunders Political Reporter Check Annika SmethurstThe intricate “first” biography of the rare-contingent prime minister Scott Morrison. “His opponents will only support a market-man-prime minister if they continue to underestimate him.” So goes the last sentence and key takeaway Accidental Prime Minister. Smethurst, now state political editor Age, Made his initial reputation Herald Sun.. Two … Read more

Morrison’s ‘sub-par’ performance is Australia’s national identity tank

Morrison’s Australia-French submarine agreement in favor of the AUKUS agreement indicates to the world that Australia is not willing to become a real sovereign nation, writes Peter Henning. Australia as a potential “A nation for a continent“Not anymore. At the time of the Federation in 1901, there was a tantalizing notion that Australia could one … Read more

US-China talks could be a torpedo climate conference

If the focus supports the threat of an uncertain future of the US-China conflict when world leaders meet in six weeks to address the real threat of a climate emergency. COP26, The summit will probably fail, writes Dr. Graeme McLean. “In government councils, we must be on guard against the acquisition of undue influence, whether … Read more

The AUKUS agreement raises concerns over nuclear proliferation

MANILA, Sept 24 (Xinhua) – Australia’s move to establish a broader tripartite security partnership with the United States and the United Kingdom has raised concerns about nuclear proliferation from the international community as Australia scrapped an agreement to buy submarines from France. The side of American-built nuclear ships. Under a new security partnership unveiled last … Read more

Arms deal or military deal?

On September 15, 2021, the Heads of Government of Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States Announced Formation of AUKUS, “a new tripartite security partnership between the three new countries”. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have teamed up with US President Joe Biden to “ensure security and stability … Read more

AUKUS has no impact on quad work, India says

New Delhi [India]September 21 (ANI): Ahead of a meeting of quad leaders in Washington, India, on Tuesday, India said the tripartite security agreement would not affect the working of the quad and that the two groups had no similarities. “Let me make it clear that Quad and AUKUS are not groups of the same nature. … Read more

EU leaders express frustration over AUKUS deal, seeking clarification

BRUSSELS, Sept 21 (Xinhua) – European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has called the treatment of France by Australia, Britain and the United States in their newly established security partnership AUKUS “unacceptable”. The head of the European Commission expressed his frustration in an interview with CNN, in which he sought clarification from US President … Read more

The AUKUS agreement is seen as a “crisis of confidence” between French FM affiliates

UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 20 (Xinhua) – French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Monday that the nuclear submarine agreement between the United States, Britain and Australia, known as the AUKUS, represents a “crisis of confidence” between allies. Explanation. “It’s not so much about breaking an agreement … it’s definitely a negative impact on France. But … Read more

Australia’s submarine project is a flop

While our PM receives criticism for leading us on the path of unity with the AUKUS alliance, this course was initially started before Scott Morrison. In This article 201 from Dr. Binoy Campmark The role of Tony Abbott and Christopher Pine in the development of Australia’s nuclear submarine and how the French agreement was forced … Read more

China and the US lost the peer competition

Australia is more closely drawn to the web of anti-American Chinese warmonering. President Joe Biden speaks of peer competition, but on all fronts, and importantly on the domestic front, China is losing. Australia-United Kingdom-United States Alliance (AukasThe announcement of September 1 signals a new and dangerous phase of the anti-China stance adopted by the United … Read more

Transfer of Democracy to Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison has managed to show his power by breaking ties with France on a submarine and ignoring the Christian Porter scandal. Jennifer Wilson. Prime Minister Scott Morrison was on a busy weekend, struggling to control two important stories that threaten to escape his iron grip. At the heart of both are issues of trust … Read more

Scott Morrison’s hand-picked general faces new military challenge after COVID vaccine rollout

Australia’s weakened Covid 1 vaccine has been named for another challenging task in the General Defense, appointed to fix the vaccine rollout, but it is unclear when he will be able to start his new role. Highlights: COVID Vaccine Rollout Owner Lt. Gen. John Frewen Appointed New Chief of Defense of Joint Capacity An internal … Read more

Nuclear sub-plan Australia’s reputation takes a dive

Australia’s nuclear submarine deal will not benefit the country in terms of environment or foreign policy, writes Dave Sweeney. Last week in a highly organized, early morning theater piece, Prime Minister Scott Morrison dramatic Raised the bet Joining the Nuclear Military Club and moving forward with the agenda of Washington and Whitehall clearly twinning our … Read more

Submarine failure is the latest in a long list of coalition military failures

Modern history shows Australia’s alliance is unable to purchase effective defense plans and military hardware, writes Alan Austin. The latest failed attempt to upgrade Australia’s submarine – which has borrowed billions of dollars and wasted eight years – follows a string of coalition disasters. Failure at the top Australian governments have traditionally appointed defense ministers … Read more

France angry over AUKUS alliance

BEIJING, Sept. 1 (Xinhua) – The United States, Britain and Australia on Wednesday announced the creation of a new tripartite security partnership that would replace the अर्ब 1 billion agreement France signed with Australia in 2011. The immediate response from France, America’s very first ally, shows sheer frustration and dissatisfaction. The new AUKUS coalition reveals … Read more

AUKUS discussion during the G Sum Summit in Cornwall

London [UK]September 1 (ANI / Sputnik): Details of the AUKUS agreement between Australia, the US and the UK that Paris stole from the billion-dollar deal signed with Canberra were agreed at the G-Summit in Cornwall last June, The Telegraph reports. The magazine said on Sunday that French President Emmanuel Macron was unaware of the preparations … Read more