Four people have been killed in a plane crash in the US state of Georgia

Four people have been killed in a small-engine plane crash at Atlanta’s DeCalb Peachtree Airport in the US state of Georgia on Friday, a fire department official has confirmed. The Federal Aviation Administration said the Cessna 210 crashed and caught fire. A video from a mobile phone shows a small plane crashing near the runway, … Read more

12 European countries call for building walls to prevent illegal immigration

New York (agency) Twelve EU member states have written to the bloc’s executive branch, the European Commission, urging countries to pay to build a wall to stop illegal immigration.According to the text of the letter seen by Bloomberg News Agency yesterday, “Ministers from countries including Austria, Greece, Hungary and Poland describe it as an effective … Read more

Private polling stations open in Iraq

Today, Friday, special polling stations in various Iraqi cities opened their doors to eligible voters, as security forces in their various branches take part in special voting, 4 hours before the start of normal voting, on Sunday. Polling stations across the country opened their doors at 7 a.m. local time (400 GMT) as groups of … Read more

The US Senate has approved raising the debt limit to ४ 440 billion

Sheriff Adele (Washington) After weeks of tough talks between the two parties’ leaders, the crisis over raising the US ceiling was seen as a success, with a US Senate ally announcing yesterday that the Senate leaders had agreed to increase the limit by 4% for the Treasury. Billion dollars. He added that the amount was … Read more

“Olympic White” begins “West Asia” with a “triple” in front of Lebanon

Mutasem Abdullah (Dubai)Our Olympic team defeated Lebanon 3-0 in this evening’s game, “Monday”, at the Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Stadium, Dammam, Saudi Arabia, at the start of the “Olympic White” campaign, in the second round of the first round. For the second West Asian Under-23 Championship year, in its second edition, which witnessed the participation … Read more

Italian Ranieri Watford takes charge of saving

London (Reuters) English Premier League club Watford on Monday announced the appointment of Italian Claudio Ranieri as their new coach for two years. Raniri, who stunned Leicester City with the Premier League title in the 2015-201 season, will replace Spanish coach Cesco Munoz, who resigned after a 1-0 defeat to Leeds United. Ranieri left Sampdoria … Read more

“Clear talks” begin with US Trade Representative Beiji

Washington (AFP) – The announcement U.S. Trade Representative Catherine Tye Today, Monday, she will hold “open talks” with her Chinese counterpart in the coming days on the implementation of the 2020 bilateral agreement, according to excerpts from a speech she gave at a US think tank.“China is committed to benefiting some US industries, including agriculture, … Read more

“Olympic” Lebanon faces “West Asia”

Dammam (Etihad) Today, our Olympic football team will begin their participation in the second West Asian Championship against Lebanon at the Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Stadium in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Palestine and Iraq. Our team concludes its preparations for the clash, with the performance of its main training led by Spaniard Denis Silva and his … Read more

Olympic team faces Lebanon in “West Asia”

Dammam (Etihad) Our Olympic football team will start tomorrow (Monday) to participate in the second West Asian Championship against Lebanon at the Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Stadium in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The match will take place at 3:30 pm UAE time, the second group includes Palestine and Iraq.Our team finished its preparations for the clash, … Read more

The deportation underscores the importance of the Arab role in achieving peace in Libya

Benghazi (Al-Etihad) The chairman of the Libyan Council of Presidents, Mohammed al-Manfi, emphasized the importance of the Arab role in maintaining peace in Libya and called on the Libyan people to move beyond that and achieve lasting stability.And Libya’s news agency “Wall” reported yesterday that it came during the meeting that the chairman of the … Read more

Egypt: Support all stabilization efforts in Libya

Cairo (Etihad) Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shaukri reaffirmed his country’s support for the steady steps being taken in Libya to complete the approved political roadmap, which led to the scheduled presidential and parliamentary elections. The Libyan parliament, which led to the issuance of the presidential election law, and coordinated the perception of its responsibility for … Read more

Sudanese parties and movements split from “freedom and change”

Asma Al Husseini (Cairo, Khartoum) In an official announcement of their escape from the forces of independence and change (ruling coalition) in Sudan, the Sudanese parties and armed movements announced at a press conference in Khartoum yesterday their agreement on military and military unity in a new national consensus charter and A call for change, … Read more

Two Taliban fighters have been killed in an attack in eastern Afghanistan

Kabul (Agency) Two Taliban fighters and two civilians have been killed in a shootout in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad.No one has claimed responsibility for the shooting, but ISIS has already announced several attacks against the movement, including several killings in Jalalabad.The deceased were identified as Saeed Marouf Sadat, a former spokesman for the … Read more

Tunisia: Quick consultation to form a government of independent efficiency

Shaaban Bilal, Agencies (Tunisia, Cairo) Tunisian Prime Minister Najla Bowden is working to form a government formed by President Cass Said, trying to take to the streets to confirm that the “Ennahda” movement, the political arm of the “Brotherhood” group led by Rashid Ghannouchi, is a frozen parliament. In permanent session. The Ennahda movement has … Read more

Before facing Atletico, Barcelona had faith in the Commonwealth

Madrid (DPA) Barcelona president John Laporta has announced that Dutchman Ronald Koeman will remain coach of the Catalan club, regardless of the outcome of Saturday night’s clash with defending champions Atletico Madrid. After losing the first two games of the Champions League to Bayern Munich and Benfica, the Commonwealth was sacked with three goals in … Read more

Algeria has summoned its ambassador to France for consultations

One side of the capital Algiers The Algerian president said Algeria had called its ambassador to France for consultations on Saturday, without giving a reason for the move.The President added that a statement in this regard would be issued at a later date.On Thursday, Algeria announced that it had summoned the French ambassador following Paris’ … Read more

Guardiola proud to compete with Liverpool – Al Ittihad newspaper

London (DPA) Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola says winning the biggest title with Liverpool is a source of pride for his team. After shifting ownership of Abu Dhabi to 200 football, Manchester City spent many years and decades under its neighbors Manchester United and Liverpool before rapidly rising to the top of English football. In … Read more

A gift for someone who is convinced to get a corona vaccine

A woman is taking a dose of the corona vaccine Many countries around the world have resorted to various methods to force people to get vaccinated against the emerging corona virus.One of those measures is the provision of incentives. In this regard, the government in Switzerland has agreed to give a gift to a friend … Read more

Juventus and Turin .. «City Derby» – Al-Ittihad newspaper

Milan (AFP) Juventus are looking to take advantage of their remarkable talent in the Champions League in the middle of the week, when it will host its neighbor and rival Turin in the city derby at the Olympic Stadium in the seventh round of “Saturday” tomorrow. Italian Football League.Juventus enter the “Torino Derby”, in an … Read more

A new round of talks is taking place between the United States and Russia

US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman shakes hands with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov Moscow and Washington held in the Swiss city of Geneva on Thursday, a new round of strategic talks, which began last June on the shores of President Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden Lemon Lake.The talks will be led by … Read more

Five historical figures put Ronaldo at the “top of the champion”

Reda Salim (Dubai) Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, a Manchester United player, continues to break records in all tournaments, most notably the Champions League, which represents his favorite tournament, as he won one game, five historic records in his career, especially on the throne. Participate the most and score the most. The European Football Association (UEFA) … Read more

Common: I will not resign and my future is in the hands of the Barसाa administration

Anwar Ibrahim (Cairo) The Spanish newspaper summed up Barcelona’s situation with the Portuguese team suffering a second consecutive defeat in the group stage of the European Champions League “Champions League” from Benfica, the result of which was similar to the first round game against Bayern. Munich (0/3), with exciting and sad headlines, Mundo Deportivo newspaper … Read more

The US Senate votes to stop the federal government’s paralysis

The leader of the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate, Senator Chuck Schumer, announced Wednesday that Congress would vote on a provisional budget bill to prevent the federal government from cutting funding and paralyzing its institutions. “We will vote tomorrow morning,” Schumer told council before adjourning the meeting.Once approved in the Senate, the bill will … Read more

Ecuador’s state of emergency declared after 116 deaths

Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso has declared a state of emergency in all prisons in the southwestern state of Guayas, a day after more than 100 prisoners were killed in a gun battle.“I have just declared an exception in all prisons in the country,” the president said in a tweet.Immediately after the president’s decision, the prison … Read more

Merkel’s coalition has invited “liberals” to hold talks to form a government

Berlin (agency) German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Alliance leaders Armin Lashett and Marcus Soder have invited the Greens and the Liberal Democrats for talks to form a new governing coalition in the country.Such an alliance of three parties is called the Jamaican Alliance; Because the colors of the flag of this country are made up … Read more