Sydney council warns residents against placing anti-Morrison stickers on household waste bins

A council in Sydney is threatening not to collect household rubbish bins with “anti-liberal party” stickers following complaints from an “offended” neighbor.

The stickers were allegedly seen on rubbish bins in the Hornsby Shire Council area of ​​northern Sydney and contain images of Prime Minister Scott Morrison holding a lump of coal in parliament along with National leader Barnaby Joyce, and slogans such as “bin him” and “throw him out” .

Watch Scott Morrison talk about the saga in the video above

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According to Sydney Morning Herald, The Smart Voting Store stickers led to a complaint, prompting Hornsby Shire Council officials to warn residents against placing the material on their municipal bins.

Hornsby Mayor and former senior Howard Prime Minister Philip Ruddock warned against “political advertising” on council properties.

The stickers show pictures of the Liberal Party, including Scott Morrison holding a lump of coal in Parliament.
The stickers show pictures of the Liberal Party, including Scott Morrison holding a lump of coal in Parliament. Credit: Smart polling shop

“Political advertising should not be done except when there are elections going on and there are no elections yet,” he said. SMH.

“(Also) we do not think they should do it on municipal property.”

Scott Morrison was asked about the trash can’s sticker saga on Sunrise Wednesday morning, however, dismissed concerns that the case was up to the council’s discretion.

“I will leave it to the mayor of Hornsby at the end of the day,” Mr Morrison said.

Sunrise co-host David Koch was quick to respond, saying “but of course Hornsby’s mayor is your old partner Phillip Ruddock the former coalition minister?”

“I’m sure he’s more than capable of sorting out the bins, I’m letting him take out the bins and I’ll get on with the economy,” Mr Morrison replied.

The Hornsby Shire Council told that the council “does not allow unauthorized signage to be applied to its assets”.

“This includes its household waste and recycling bins, bus shelters, street waste bins, public buildings or other infrastructure,” a spokesman said.

“In this case, we were made aware of the matter through a complaint from a resident who had come across the contents of the signage.

“However, this rule will apply to signage of any type used on the municipality’s assets where a complaint is filed.”

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