Some of the World’s Most Stunning Portrait Photos

In The Power of Photography, out now from ACC Art Books, famed gallerist and art collector Peter Fetterman has curated 120 images that he holds dearest to his heart—many of them humanist portraits of celebrities.

“I tried to achieve a balance of iconic images and those that no one has ever seen before because to me that is the joy of collecting,” Fetterman tells The Daily Beast. “I get as much pleasure and inspiration from all of them regardless of the acknowledged stature of its maker.”

Some of the highlights of the book include William Clift’s portrait of George O’Keefe, Yousuf Karsh’s capture of Winston Churchill, Neil Leifer’s Muhammad Ali, Nikki Kahn’s vision of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Eve Arnold’s Malcolm X.

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According to Fetterman, “those that are at the top of the list are Paul Caponigro’s ‘Two Pears’ [which] is just pure beauty. Lisa Law’s ‘Bob Dylan,’ because I’m a big fan, and Dan Budnik’s ‘Martin Luther King,’ because it is deeply humbling and so powerful.”

“I call them my wall of heroes and heroines,” he adds.

Below are some portraits from The Power of Photography, which you can see here exclusively:

Malcolm X by Eve Arnold, 1961.

Estate of Eve Arnold/Courtesy Peter Fetterman Gallery

John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

David Bailey/Courtesy Peter Fetterman Gallery

Our Cat Ulysses and Martine’s Shadow, 1988.

Courtesy Foundation Henri Cartier-Bresson, Paris /Courtesy Peter Fetterman Gallery

Ford Model VIII Bathing Cap, New York City, 1991.

Len Prince Photography & Papers/Emory University/Courtesy Peter Fetterman Gallery

Bob Dylan at The Castle Solarium, Los Angeles, California, 1966.

Lisa Law/Courtesy Peter Fetterman Gallery

Yves Saint-Laurent, Paris, 1964.

Marc Riboud/Courtesy Peter Fetterman Gallery

Jackson Pollock painting in his studio, Springs, Long Island, N.Y., 1949.

Martha Holmes/Courtesy Peter Fetterman Gallery

Ashaninka, State of Acre, Brazil, 2016.

Sebastião Salgado/Amazonas images/Courtesy Peter Fetterman Gallery

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