Snake completely stops the festival in Australia

Attendees at the Under the Southern Stars Festival in Adelaide, Australia got more than they had anticipated on Saturday when a snake slipped into the crowd and brought the set of indie rockers The Superjesus to a standstill.

Lead singer Sarah McLeod described the “comic” incident on the band’s Facebook page. “The strangest part of our concert today was that there was a snake among the audience,” she wrote. “The security guards all stood around it in a circle to make sure it did not hurt anyone while we were all waiting for the snake handler to come. We were told to hold the show until the snake was gone.”

Apparently, the sneaky reptile disappeared shortly after and was nowhere to be found. “When the serpent saw, the serpent saw it [took] down into a hole in the grass, ”McLeod recalled. “The snake master kept trying to look for it EVERYWHERE .. it was comical to watch… finally we said damn let’s start the show and no one mentioned it again. God knows where it ended, but I like the sound [Stuart Rudd] on the bass would have sent that thing to a galaxy far, far away. “

Superjesus’ set was part of the star-studded second day of Under the Southern Stars this weekend. It was headlined by 90s grunge rockers Bush and Stone Temple Pilots, with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club also performing.

The traveling festival marks the first set of Australian shows featuring international artists in two years, and is scheduled to make subsequent stops in Sydney, the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Buy your tickets here.

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