Shoplifter slapped Nester’s Market employee in the face: witness

A worker at a Nesters Food Market in Vancouver was hit so hard by an alleged thief on Monday that his glasses were struck by his face.

The confrontation at the supermarket chain’s East Broadway location was witnessed by a passerby who recorded part of the incident using his mobile phone.

“I just walked by and they came rushing through the front doors with their fists flying,” said Mount Pleasant resident Darren Reiter.

The violence appeared to stem from stolen grain and the employee was hit as he pulled the food away from the man.

“Frontline workers should not have to go to work and worry about being hit in the face,” Reiter said.

The video shows the aftermath. The man is seen holding his fists in the air and apparently wanted to fight.

“You’ve already hit me once, so (pronounced) off,” the employee is heard to say.

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of violent shoplifting since the pandemic began.

Vancouver police said this latest incident has not been reported and urged the store to get in touch with the department.

“I witness violent confrontations almost daily,” Reiter said. “I hope our government starts taking the issue more seriously.”

CTV News contacted Nesters Market for a comment but has not heard back. The store provides free food to people in need if asked.

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