Search for BC’s best small town: Southwest region, round 2

If you are selling real estate on the Sunshine Coast, be careful about playing favorites between cities.

“I have to step a little easy because I sell in Sechelt,” said Randi Thomas, a real estate agent and Gibson resident.

“But Gibsons is just hipper, younger … I mean, if you want to be close to a McDonald’s, Sechelt is the place to go, but Gibsons is definitely better.”

At the same time, there are two securities in this part of the province: tensions around the ferry and a close relationship with neighboring communities.

“The Sunshine Coast, we are one unit,” Thomas said.

“We are very band-nature in our geography,” agrees Sechelt Councilman Alton Toth.

“Everyone lives close to the coast. A lot of communities, you can have your center, and then you spread out from there. We can not really have that, so we have some pretty unique challenges.”

With a population of almost 11,000 people, Sechelt is one of the largest communities in the hunt for BC’s best small town. (Justin McElroy / CBC)

‘More for families’

Toth does not characterize Sechelt as “hip,” and the city cannot match Gibsons for its number of breweries or proximity to Vancouver.

But he claims there are plenty of benefits to living in Sechelt.

“I think [we’ve] got more momentum in the families, “he said.

“We have the only post-secondary institutions here. We are a larger community. There are a lot of people who do not like commuting 20 minutes down the highway … it’s quieter, while being down in Gibsons is closer on the ferry.”

(CBC News)

Sechelt and Gibsons are the two largest communities on the lower Sunshine Coast, meeting each other in the second round of Search for BC’s Best Small Town.

Every day from Tuesday to Friday there will be a new series of one-on-one polls in a different region. Every week we narrow the field – from 128 to 64, 64 to 32 and so on until we have a champion.

Voting will take place until 22.00 PT every day where today’s votes decide the eight quarter finalists in the competition’s Southwest BC quadrant.

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