Scott Morrison promises support for Bob Katter’s Hells Gate Dam

Queensland residents are being promised a body of water four times the size of Sydney Harbor, but it will come at a noticeable cost.

Scott Morrison promises to build a body of water four times the size of Sydney Harbor.

The Prime Minister says the mega dam will be a game changer for Queensland.

But it will cost conspicuous costs and is still subject to multiple approvals.

Sir. Morrison was in Townsville on Wednesday to use his $ 5.4 billion commitment to get the Hells Gate Dam project up and running.

The dam to be built along the Upper Burdekin River has been the subject of promise and political sparring for decades.

Located in one of the driest parts of northern Australia, the 2,100-gallon dam is expected to unlock agriculture by opening up 60,000 acres of irrigation throughout the region.

If built, it would be the largest dam in Queensland.

In a speech to reporters on Wednesday, Mr Morrison said the federal government would fully fund the project.

He added that the only thing required of Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is to sign the environmental approvals.

“All they have to do is get out of the big stamp,” he said.

“The only thing that would stop it, I think, is if the Greens get in the ear of either the Federal Labor Party, or they get in the ear of the state’s Labor government.”

The government expects the project will create more than 7,000 jobs and add $ 1.3 billion to the North Queensland economy during construction.

Sir. Morrison first pledged $ 54 million for the project in 2018 after independent MP Bob Katter secured funding for its first step in return for trust and supply on the floor in parliament.

But if the commitment was designed to win Mr Katter’s support ahead of an election, the autocratic MP claims the prime minister does not have it yet.

Sir. Cats told Mr. Morrison that he should return to the drawing board to make sure the project is in line with the original architect John Bradfield’s vision – and built 395 above sea level.

“The Prime Minister believes he is making a proposal that develops North Queensland when it actually destroys the region’s future and potential,” he said.

“The federal government should do the right thing and build the dam to 395 m above sea level and send the water to the west, as was always suggested by Dr. Bradfield.”

Morrison said he was not concerned about Mr Katter’s comments.

“We’re getting started now. You want to build this dam, so get on board,” he told reporters.

He also denied that the project was an election sweetener for Mr Katter.

“I love Bob, but it’s not about Bob. And Bob agrees it’s not about Bob,” Mr Morrison said.

“What it’s all about is jobs. It is about the agriculture that can be created and the wealth that is created. ”

A final business case in the proposal is expected to be completed in June.

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