Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese continues campaigns; $ 55 billion the coalition’s spending on grants triggers ICAC calls;

Labor leader Anthony Albanese says it is a “matter for the Liberal Party” whether it disapproves of its candidate for Warringah and said Prime Minister Scott Morrison should never have elected her in the first place.

When Albanese showed up in Cairns on Saturday, Albanese also insisted that social media activity of Labor’s candidate for Hunter, Dan Repacholi, was different from the liberal candidate for Warringah, Katherine Deves, because it was some years ago.

Repacholi, a former Commonwealth Games gold medalist for shooting, followed a series of sexually charged Instagram profiles and also suggested that opponents of coal mining should “sit in the cold and freeze” in the winter.

“There are comments [by Repacholi] which was made a very, very long time ago. A very long time ago. This candidate in Warringah, that has been her main political approach, ”Albanese said.


The Labor leader said it was “the Liberal Party itself” that called for Deves to step down in Warringah.

“The New South Wales department is tearing itself apart. This has been a civil war that has been going on for over a year now and the extraordinary thing is that Katherine Deves has been hand-picked by the Prime Minister,” he said.

“She was the Prime Minister’s own choice. The Prime Minister said earlier this week that he shared Katherine Deves’ values ​​by supporting her. “

Pressed on whether he called on the Liberal Party to disapprove of Deves, Albanese said: “It is a matter for the Liberal Party, but if I were Scott Morrison, I would not have chosen her in advance in the first place.”

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