SAS Australia: Locky Gilbert cried over crocodile tears as two more celebs travel

Two celebrity recruits have left SAS Australia – one has started and another is resigning – while the program’s most polarizing figure is running out of chances.

Boxer Ebanie Bridges was given her marching order by Chief Instructor Ant Middleton.

Despite being spared, dark horse Anna Heinrich could not continue the course and handed in her number.

“I think it’s my time. I can not do this anymore,” she said through tears.

“You’ve done extremely well,” Middleton explained to her.

The mother of one had impressed both her fellow recruits and instructors with her relentless efforts throughout this season.

Middleton admitted he did not think she would last as long as she did.

Anna Heinrich hands in her number.
Camera iconAnna Heinrich hands in her number. Credit: Seven

“I feel like it was my time. I’m so proud of everything I’ve achieved. I honestly thought I would be gone in the first few days. One of the things I want to take from this experience , is to believe in myself, ”she said.

WA’s Locky Gilbert was warned by the DS that he was very close to being beaten.

“You’re a danger to yourself, and you’re a danger to the others,” Middleton said.

Earlier in the episode, DS considered shedding crocodile tears after a video message from his partner, Irena Srbinovska, was played.

“His face looks dry,” said DS Clint Emerson.

“That’s what I mean,” Middleton replied.

Locky collapses under SAS Australia.
Camera iconLocky collapses under SAS Australia. Credit: Seven

During a confession to the camera, the reality TV star admitted that he forced himself to cry during the finale of The Bachelor.

“What I did at Bachelor, if I knew it was going to be a sad interview, I would listen to a sad song… It’s a really good technique,” he said.

“That was what made me cry in the final. I was literally standing there with headphones in as they were about to go out and the car followed after out and boom, headphones in my pocket I had to make myself cry.”

SAS Australia continues Monday night on Seven and 7plus.

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