Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum reveal that they met after their daughters got into fights

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum have been reflecting on the unfortunate circumstances when they met.

The two actors play together in the recently released action-comedy film The lost city.

In a new interview with New York Timesthe co-stars revealed that one of their first meetings took place in the principal’s office of their children’s preschool after Laila Bullock and Everly Tatum got into fights.

“I blocked it all,” Tatum said of the incident.

“There’s some PTSD attached to it,” Bullock joked. “We met through drama, at the principal’s office in the kindergarten. We were called in together because Everly and Laila were trying to alpha the other out, and we prayed that it was the other person’s child that was causing the damage. “

Everly, eight, and Laila, 10, have since become good friends and bonded during the time they spent together in the Dominican Republic, where The lost city was filmed.

“That’s why we made this movie so they could have a long, COVID-safe playback date,” Bullock said. “We even brought motorcycles down there. The only thing we worried about was that Everly and Laila just had the time of their lives.”

Bullock later went on to say that she thought she had met Tatum before the principal’s office: “I think we met for the first time at my birthday party. You were a plus-one.”

The lost city also starring Daniel Radcliffe and Brad Pitt.

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