Salma Hayek honors World Water Day with an enticing bikini snapshot in the mysterious ocean cave

Salma Hayek knows a good picture when she sees one, which is why she shares it with all her Instagram followers in honor of World Water Day. She called it “National Water Day”, but it does not matter – we love her good intentions to draw attention to the matter.

Wearing a stunning royal blue bikini, the House of Gucci star was amazed at the wonderful ocean cave she explored. It looks like she had to swim a bit to get into the enclave surrounded by rocks as the natural light from the sun streamed in around her. Hayek is always someone who enjoys his tropical vacations, so it’s a sweet gesture to honor a day that raises awareness of the 2.2 billion people living across the globe without access to clean water. She wrote the caption for the photo in both English and Spanish: “Today is #nationalwaterday, but let’s not forget how valuable water is any day.”

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With his 2021 family net worth estimated at around $ 7.212 billion with husband François-Henri Pinault, Hayek has found himself inspired by activism over the past decade. “It takes so little to make big, big changes,” she explained to CBS News. “So many people need it. How should we use it? That’s the best question. It’s finding out who you can help the most, how you can help the best, and through whom you can be the most effective? These are the questions she asked herself and then answered by becoming UNICEF support.

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Hayek knows that a bikini image will attract the attention of her fans on social media, but the 55-year-old star understands that they are also passionate about what she shares. This is why she may slip into a charitable message because she may be able to inspire others to donate their time or money to a cause she believes in.

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