Ruskin Park: The mushroom pool needs to reopen after improvement work

The mushroom pool in Ruskin Park is due to reopen after the improvement work is almost complete.

The facility, which is scheduled to reopen at the end of May holiday, previously closed its doors due to lack of funds in 2015.

Campaigners raised money to reopen the venue, where they went up to operate the pool and ensure it could function safely.

The pool was then forced to close in 2020 after a broken water pump.

After a later year in July, the place reopened.

The facilities closed again due to old equipment in September 2021.

Funds were raised by local charities and businesses such as the Herne Hill Forum and the Herne Hill Society to secure its long-term future.

Among the improvements being made, there are several water jets that have increased from two to ten, a plant space and equipment have also been installed.

Repairs have been made to the pool surface and a new water main from Thames Water has been added.

Urban Village founder Suzanne Vincent said: “I’m absolutely thrilled the pool is reopening. It’s been a beloved feature of Ruskin Park for so long that no one could stand to see it up close.

“Of course, its long history also meant that a number of age-related issues were inevitable.

“I’m so proud of the work that my volunteers at Lambeth Landscapes and Friends of Ruskin Park have done to ensure that the mushroom pool can reopen sustainably.

“Thank you to the Lambeth Council for their part in funding the work.

“I’m glad we can preserve the pool for this and future generations.”

Additional contributions are more than welcome and are still crucial for ongoing maintenance and improvement, according to a spokesman for Urban Village.

The park is also looking for volunteers to help maintain the pool’s safe environment for local children.

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