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Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Williams’ trip to Jamaica is threatened by campaigners who have signed an open letter calling for an apology from the royal family for colonialism and for compensation for slavery.

Cambridge’s visit is seen as a charm offensive to prevent other Caribbean countries from following Barbados by removing the Queen as its head of state.

However, a coalition of Jamaican politicians, business leaders, doctors and musicians has called on the royal family and the British government to give “an apology for British crimes against humanity, including but not limited to the exploitation of the indigenous people of Jamaica, transatlantic trade” with Africans, slavery of Africans, contract and colonization ”.

The group, which calls itself the Advocates Network, is expected to stage a protest outside the British High Commission in Kingston on Tuesday, to coincide with William and Kate’s arrival in Jamaica.

Local human rights activist Kay Osborne, who will take part in the protest on Tuesday, said: “We do not welcome Kate and William. We do not want them here. We reject the photo operations that will be staged here for UK consumption.”

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