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Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley, 65, has opened up about how his relationship with his wife Judy Finnigan, 73, has adapted now that they are no longer working together on TV projects. The pair became famous as a double-bar on screen after standing in front of their Channel 4 show, Richard & Judy, together for eight years.

They have previously hosted This Morning as a duo for a decade.

But despite their successes as a couple, Judy recently decided to take a step back from the spotlight, leaving Richard to continue her presentation career on ITV without her.

Despite moving different paths professionally, Richard and Judy have now clarified, during a new interview on Kate Thornton’s White Wine Question Time podcast, that they have not grown apart in their marriage.

Richard compared their relationship to being “semi-detached”, explaining that even though they seem to spend less time together in the eyes of the public, they are still close behind the scenes.

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When Judy was asked how they have managed to get together personally after working more separately, Judy explained, “We are incredibly close, we always have been.”

She continued: “Of course, I think working together for so long has bound us closer together than if we had two completely separate jobs.

“I think the thing is, when you present a show like the kind we presented, it’s very instinctive that you do interviews all the time.”

Judy explained that she believes working with Richard helped them develop “an extra telepathic muscle” in their relationship.

She added: “At the time I decided I had had enough, you and I were something completely different anyway, it just did not matter, it made no difference at all.

“When you go and do GMB, I’m still here in bed. I’m happy to stay when he gets up. It makes no difference at all to our relationship.”

Richard agreed and told host Kate: “I can see that from the outside it looks like … like you say we were tied together in our professional lives and now we are not, but in fact here we are still is.”

He went on to reveal: “So we are actually not that detached, I suppose we are a bit detached, but we are not detached in the way that it may seem to outsiders.”

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It comes after Richard and Judy’s daughter Chloe Madeley admitted she was surprised her mother “ever went into television”.

Chloe explained: “She is incredibly intelligent and warm and that made her great for her job in terms of interviewing skills.

“But she’s not an artist in any way shape or form, and I think as soon as it started to take precedence over her career, I think she immediately started to shy away from it,” she added in a recent interview with OK! Magazine.

When asked if Judy would consider making a comeback for television, Chloe replied, “No, my mom is done with TV, she has been done with TV for a really long time.

“They retired from television over a decade ago … it’s been a while.

“She’s had a moment where she was like ‘oh, I miss it a lot,’ and that was when they were doing the 25th anniversary show in Liverpool, and I was there with them.”

Chloe continued, “I think it really brought all this nostalgia back to her, and that was the reason for it.”

Outside of her television career, Judy also published her debut novel Eloise in 2012, which went on to become a Sunday Times bestseller.

She also published another novel in 2015, called I Do Not Sleep.

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