Requiem of the Rose King Creator shares her Batman Fan Art

Shojo manga writer and artist Aya Kanno shares her Bruce Wayne fan art along with a brilliant review of Caped Crusader’s latest film.

Requiem by Rose King creator Aya Kanno is a big fan of Batman.

The acclaimed manga artist and author shared his fan art by Bruce Wayne to his personal Twitter account. Kanno portrayed the film’s more sulky version of the character outside of his superhero costume. The artist also praised the film and actor Robert Pattinson, saying, “I saw Batman. The visuals were cool, the music was cool, and Bruce was cute. “

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An anime adaptation premiered earlier this year. The series is produced by JC Staff, a studio that has produced several other shojo-anime classics, including Revolutionary girl Utena and Nodame Cantabileas well as series such as Food Wars: Shougeki No Shoma and Edens Zero. The adaptation is directed by Kentaro Suzuki, who previously served as episode director on A certain scientific railway pistol and the anime adaptation of Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings. Anime stars Mitsuki Saiga, who has previously expressed Yelena’s character Attack on Titanas Richard III, and Sk8 Infinity‘s Hikaru Midorikawa as Henry VI.

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Batman was released worldwide on March 4th. The film takes place during Batman’s second year as a vigilante and sees Caped Crusader drawn into a mystery involving Riddler, Gotham City’s various organized crime families, and the history of the Wayne family. The film was directed by Matt Reeves (Planet of the Apes: The Revolution) and plays Robert Pattinson (The lighthouse) as Bruce Wayne / Batman, Zoë Kravitz (X-Men: First Class) as Selina Kyle / Catwoman, Paul Dano (There will be blood) as Riddler and Jeffrey Wright (The French broadcast) as James Gordon.

Kanno is far from the only fan of the film, which garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews and is currently the second highest-grossing film of 2022, having drawn over $ 600 million USD into ticket sales since its debut.

That Requiem by Rose King manga is available in English from VIZ Media. The anime is available for streaming on Funimation. Batman is in the cinema at the moment.

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