REPORT: Marvel’s Avengers to Add Jane Foster’s Thor

After months of speculation about a She-Hulk release in Marvel’s Avengers, new theories suggest that another superpowered heroine will arrive first.

Despite rumors of an update to Marvel’s Avengers that would see the addition of She-Hulk to the team, new reports suggest Jane Foster’s Thor might land first.

Miller, an insider on Twitter who has proven reliable before, revealed his speculations in a nine-post thread. According to Miller, She-Hulk was originally expected to appear in the game in the last quarter of 2021, but was pushed back “in relative agreement with her eponymous Disney + series delay” despite Marvel’s Avengers reportedly casting Krizia Bajos as She-Hulk . Instead, Miller believes that Crystal Dynamics is instead releasing Jane Foster’s Thor, while saving She-Hulk for release at the same time as her show.

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Miller explains that due to She-Hulk’s appearance being delayed, it left a significant gap in the release of new content for a game structured around the release of regular additions. Due to the sudden delay, the minds behind Marvel’s Avengers would have to speed up the creation of a new character and story, leaving them with few options – namely, only characters that share basic power structures with characters already in the game.

Rumors swirled around the names of several characters, Miller admits, and he can not say that he is 100% positive towards this one. He says he “was not going to bring the news until I reached a 100% unwavering confidence in its truth because I have been wrong before and it’s frustrating. “But after examining the evidence he had revealed and noting that other sources seemed to have soft-broken the story, Miller stated that he was reasonably sure of his prediction. Because I had not revealed who the character was, I comfortably narrowed the speculation to the characters I had heard, “Miller explains.” With that said, I’m sure of my first sourcing. And I have become more and more convinced since then. ”

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Part of this speculation comes from the fact that a release would soon mean that it coincides with the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, which marks Jane Foster’s return to MCU and the first appearance of her incarnation of Thor. If Marvel’s Avengers pushed She-Hulk’s arrival back to fit in with the release of her show, it makes sense that Crystal Dynamics might want the same thing with Jane Foster’s Thor. Whether this means we can expect similar coincident releases is still unknown.

The news of this comes just months after Crystal Dynamics ‘Senior Brand Manager Nick Edwards promised fans that they’ll see more content for Marvel’s Avengers in 2022. Recently, Crystal Dynamics’ Nick Fury confirmed his return to Marvel’s Avengers and explained in a blog post how the changes are changing. to basic gameplay is underway to better suit players. This includes a complete overhaul of the war card following complaints from fans that leveling in Marvel’s Avengers is frustrating, as well as other “sweeping” changes that have not yet been specified.

Marvel’s Avengers is currently available to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

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