Relocation Guide | How To Move To London

23 Mar Relocation Guide | How To Move To London

Many people wanting to develop their careers have at least considered relocating to London. Once you’ve sorted your London man and van service to move your belongings, it’s time to get the ball rolling! Today, we have a fantastic and very unique list of our finest recommendations for moving to London and succeeding in this city!

5 Tips for Londoners Moving to London From Within the City

If you’ve already searched for information on moving to London, you’ve undoubtedly come across a plethora of excellent advice from other websites on how to prepare and what to do once you get there. We’re taking a slightly more niche approach.

1. It’s ideal to arrive in the winter.

Given the island nation’s harsh climate, this may appear to be backwards, but January and February are the best arrival months following the Christmas and New Year rush. During the winter, visitors aren’t as numerous, public transportation is less crowded, and there are often better deals on London accommodation.

2. Remember to dress warmly.

London is chilly for most of the year. Even if you visit London in mid-summer, bring warm clothing with you. The British discard their trousers and T-shirts as soon as the calendar tells them it’s spring, but don’t be fooled: despite the season, it might be intensely cold at night. Even in July, you may freeze.

3. The cost of living in London is extremely high.

Unless you have a lot of money, the best option is to live in a flat (apartment, for our US friends) or with pals. £400-£500 ($615-$740) per month per person for a furnished room in an attractive three- or a four-bedroom house in an outer borough in London, with access to a (small) garden, is the estimated cost.

If you want to go a little closer to the city centre but not necessarily a nicer location, add £100 per borough as you approach the city centre. Add about the same per additional facility: a kitchen; a shower or bath with toilet; or a garage.

4. Find like-minded individuals as quickly as possible.

Look for other like minded people, especially any that have been in London longer than you have, to get the full advantages of flat-sharing in London. Hanging with them will not only teach you the city’s customs faster, but your flat-mates’ guidance will also improve your chances of finding survival jobs in London, getting auditions and acting roles in London.

5. Be wary of shady landlords.

Always be on the lookout for the “small print” of any flat you intend to rent in London. Don’t make a deal on the word of your hand; obtain a copy of the lease and know your rights and responsibilities. The place where you will locate your future flat is also important: it’s usually safer to hire a broker rather than finding a flat on Gumtree from a private landlord.


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