Rarely published maps and paintings by JRR Tolkien Go online

painting by JRR Tolkien from Hobbiton

map by JRR Tolkien from The Hobbit

calligraphy of JRR Tolkien

map by JRR Tolkien from The Hobbit

drawing by JRR Tolkien of a coiled dragon

Tolkien Estate has built a new website dedicated to JRR Tolkien, and it contains dozens of hard-drawn maps, illustrations, paintings and calligraphic works made by the author during the writing of his books. Tolkien was a talented artist, and his maps and visual arts were an integral part of his work. From Artnet:

Tolkien’s art and writings went hand in hand, and illustrations served as an integral part of his creative process. Sometimes the words would inspire the work of art, and sometimes drawing a scene would move the narrative in new directions.

The author carefully mapped the world of Middle Earth to ensure the exact movements of his large cast.

I was so lucky to see some of these maps and drawings in person at this 2019 exhibit at the Morgan Library – amazing stuff. (via @tedgioia)

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