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The shop on the Norfolk property has “an extensive collection of Norfolk handicraft products, from beautiful home and garden wars to landscaping”. After it appeared, the monarch often washes his own up and “likes it”, Sandringham Estate launched the Queen’s own line of dishwashing detergent.

The former royal butler, Paul Burrell, has revealed many facts behind the scenes about royal life and spoke to The Secret podcast about the monarch’s dishwashing habits.

The former palace assistant, who was on the podcast in December 2020, said the monarch is not over washing up.

Burrell explained: “[The Queen] likes to go on a picnic, but the food is cooked. She likes to wash up. ”

He added: “She’s putting on Marigolds [cleaning gloves] and when she goes out to the log cabin at Balmoral, she stands there with her morning mistresses on, and she washes up and the watchdog dries.

“She likes to get her hands wet in the sink, that’s something she does.”

The “natural bottled dishwasher”, which is part of the Queen’s household items, is on sale for £ 14.99 per bottle.

The smell of the liquid is inspired by the local area, as it has the smell of “coastal walks” as a tribute to the estate.

The bottles, which contain 500 milliliters of dishwashing detergent, have the Sandringham Estate logo and have a label that explains the origin and inspiration behind the product.

It reads: “Inspired by a shared passion to protect our environment, we have partnered with Norfolk Natural Living to create our dishwasher just 16 km from the property, using the finest botanical ingredients.”

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Another product from the Queen’s collection is Sandringham honey.

The honey is produced by bees on the estate, which is said to have been introduced by Prince Charles as part of his push for organic products.

The jar is set at £ 14.99.

One shopper said, “It’s quite expensive – but it tastes absolutely delicious, so it’s worth it.”

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